Hello Jim, Thanks again for your speedy response.  Without wanting to be argumentative, I think that your Great Years calculation confirms that Jesus’ birth was during the 4th 1000-year day, even if towards the very end of it. Looking ahead and up, Howard Bass


Hello James, Israel has reverted to regular time, going off summer clock (DST in American parlance) this past week. No, we are not Unitarians, which as far as I understand, do not accept the deity of Christ, and therefore not the triune God who has revealed Himself as being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Hello Howard, Thanks for the facinating facts concerning your migration to Israel. We are extremely glad to have you in our correspondence, and hopefully, you can help resolve some questions that we currently have (concerning historical details, and other technical matters). Thanks also for pointing out the difference in the scrolling title (between Netscape and …


Shalom James, Thanks again for taking time to correspond with me.  I deeply regret that your disaffection for placing your personal faith and confidence in the reliable composite evidence given in the Bible regarding the absolute power and authority of God and of Christ Jesus to fully subject all things to fulfill His revealed purposes …

The Holocaust and the Salvation of Israel: “Be Reconciled to YHVH GOD”

Lev. 26: 40-45   – Israel and Jewish people confessing personal and historic collective guilt for breaking YHVH’s covenants There is a biblical principle whereby God holds the heads of a people accountable for the blessing or punishment of the people.  We see this with Pharaoh and the Egyptians with respect to the children of Israel …