This page provides opportunities for other believers to express their views.  As lights in the world, we are to reflect back onto the true Source of the true Light that is now within us:  Yeshua the Messiah/Jesus Christ.

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I will not always be able to respond or post immediately.  Your understanding will be appreciated, and I pray that this Reflecting Pool will be helpful to walking in truth, for edification, exhortation, comfort — and for honor to the name of Yeshua/Jesus, Lord and Messiah/Christ.


We all hear and know that those younger than many of us reading this post are struggling with identity as believers in Yeshua, some of that struggle being caused by an unwillingness to accept being called by certain names; other causes because of not understanding the new birth as a new creation, and that we …

Things Present, and Things To Come

The Great Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble is coming, and the Church/Body of Messiah needs to be prepared for that.  Jacob’s Trouble is not just Jacob’s trouble:  the devil is furious against all those in covenant with YHVH — with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and with Christians, especially those who faithfully keep God’s commands and …

Knowing God

Had God not created anything at all, but was content to remain alone with Himself (in trinity), then we would not even be here to know that He is who He is.  He would be truly the unknown God.  Praise YHVH for who He is, and for all His marvelous works!