Tisha b’Av/9th of Av

The Temple is a:
House of God– a dwelling place for the Father and his family
Throne room – King of Righteousness
Seat of judgment — Judge of Righteousness
Holy Place – glory and worship of God

Dt 12:11-14   the place where YHVH God chooses to make His Name abide.  There you shall bring all [of your offerings].
Josh 18:1; Ex 25:40   the Tabernacle – made according to the Heavenly pattern – set up in Shiloh      (for almost 400 years)

2Sam 7:1-7,11,13   David wants to build YHVH a house; God says that He never spoke a word about that to anyone from the tribes of Israel.  The Son of David (not Solomon nor a son of Solomon, but of Nathan Lk 3:31) will build a house for God’s Name, and His throne will be established forever.
2Sam 24:16-25; 1Kg 3:15   Jerusalem the chosen place for the altar of sacrifice to YHVH Continue reading “THE TEMPLE OF GOD”


Zech 8:18-19   Then the word of YHVH of Hosts came to me, saying, ‘Thus says YHVH of Hosts:  the fast of the fourth month, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth shall become joy and gladness and good times for the House of Judah.  And the truth and the peace you will love.’  

The 9th of Av (the fifth month of the Hebrew calendar given to Israel) is one of Judaism’s saddest days as it remembers with fasting and weeping the destruction of both the first and second Temples which were in Jerusalem, and of other tragedies in Jewish history.  Orthodox Judaism believes that when Messiah comes, he will change this time of mourning into times of rejoicing.  The religious Jews believe that the Messiah will build the new Temple of God  Continue reading “GOD’S TEMPLE IN MESSIAH: A DAY OF JOY”