Rejoice in the LORD; Think of Others

Yeshua’s Inheritance Congregation is meeting again through YouTube. We thank God for this possibility, and will continue to adjust to the situation as the government and health ministries update their requirements. If it is a recommendation, we will weigh it and make what seems the right decision at the time. If it is an order, we will obey it, being part of the general Israeli population.

Earlier this week I participated in a Zoom meeting of people from around the Middle East, and we had the privilege to “sit in” with Andrew and Norine Brunson. He has become well known because he was arrested in Turkey in October, 2016 for being a supporter of terrorists, and sentenced to life in prison in October, 2018, but released that same day, with help from the U.S. President. He was a pastor in Turkey for 20 years before this. He was not ever a genuine threat to the Turkish government or people, but he was falsely accused for political reasons as an active Christian leader. Continue reading “Rejoice in the LORD; Think of Others”

John 14:23-29: Yeshua’s Peace in Troublous Times

Spring has begun! A new season, bringing warmth. We have a new situation in the world now with the break-out of the Corona Virus. We need to come up with a new way of gathering together when the government is telling us that we are not able to. Praise God for the possibilities of virtual congregational services in such an unusual time, looking forward to the time that we can again physically come together. Continue reading “John 14:23-29: Yeshua’s Peace in Troublous Times”

Daniel Chapter 2 — Overview

The book of Daniel was sealed until the time of the end (Dan 12:4); therefore it could not be properly understood until now; and interpretations given while the book was sealed have sometimes remained as mainstream teaching and understanding, which works to close our own minds from considering the current light in which we live in history and prophecy. I believe that Yeshua the Messiah gave us a key sign to mark this last generation with the return of the Jewish people to reestablish national Israel in its own land (the fig tree blossoming). (Mt 24:32-35) Continue reading “Daniel Chapter 2 — Overview”


We all hear and know that those younger than many of us reading this post are struggling with identity as believers in Yeshua, some of that struggle being caused by an unwillingness to accept being called by certain names; other causes because of not understanding the new birth as a new creation, and that we are in Messiah/Christ, putting to death the old man in Adam. Continue reading “Evolution”

The Necessity of Redemption

YHVH God created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and ceased and  rested on the seventh.  We are plainly told in the New Testament that Yeshua/Jesus is the Creator:  Yeshua came to us as God in the flesh, in order that we could be redeemed and saved from death, and to inherit eternal life with God if we believe that Jesus died for our sins on the cross, shedding His blood of the New Covenant, and was buried, and rose from the grave on the third day — all according to the Scriptures.

God told us that this present Creation is very good — exactly as He wanted for His plan and purpose.  It was/is not perfect — as is clearly evident to all.  Even God’s Torah can make no thing or person perfect.  The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world:  God always had redemption in mind when He created this universe, and all that is in it. He knew that sin and evil would be inevitable, because only HE is good and without sin, and therefore only HE does not sin.  This proved the deity of Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah, and God the Father testifies to the perfect righteousness of His Son by His resurrection from among the dead by the power of the eternal Spirit. 

We look forward to the perfect that will come — the New Heavens and New Earth, wherein righteousness dwells — God dwelling among His redeemed family:  no more sin, nor any of its evil consequences.  Until then….even so, come, Lord Jesus! 

Did NASA Spacecraft Discover the Firmament?

This August, 2018, article raises this question for those who believe the Bible, in which it is written that God said that He made the firmament (rakia) on the second day of Creation.  The article reports that the New Horizons spacecraft discovered what looks like a brightly shining wall on the edge of space.  Is this the boundary of the visible heavens? 

Gen 1:6-8 Then God said, “Let there be a [a]firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”  Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so.   And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day. 

Things Present, and Things To Come

The Great Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble is coming, and the Church/Body of Messiah needs to be prepared for that.  Jacob’s Trouble is not just Jacob’s trouble:  the devil is furious against all those in covenant with YHVH — with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and with Christians, especially those who faithfully keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus. (Rev 12:17) Continue reading “Things Present, and Things To Come”

Knowing God

Had God not created anything at all, but was content to remain alone with Himself (in trinity), then we would not even be here to know that He is who He is.  He would be truly the unknown God.  Praise YHVH for who He is, and for all His marvelous works! 

Daniel, The Prophet For Our Days

Is the Book of Daniel Still Sealed, or is it Open?

Dan 12:4   “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

The Lord told the apostle John NOT to seal up the book of Revelation, “for the time is at hand”. (Rev 22:10) Jesus has given information and explanation regarding prophecies in the Book of Daniel. Revelation has many references to Daniel, as does Yeshua’s “Olivet Discourse” in Mt 24, Mk 13, Lk 21, in which He gives the signs leading up to His return at the end of the age. Continue reading “Daniel, The Prophet For Our Days”


(Updated from Nov 2007, when presented at Eschatology conference in Langensteinbacherhohe in Karlsruhe, Germany)  

In light of all of the present conflict centered in the Middle East, and affecting all of the nations of the whole world, I think it is instructive (if not comfortable) to see that truly there is nothing new under the sun.  What was, will be . . . only in greater and larger  and visible measure.  The nature and spirit of things have been with us since time immemorial, and shows itself in open hostility to the truth and the sovereignty of YHVH (even from within among the covenanted people — Jews and Christians), the God who created the heavens and the Earth and the seas, and all that is in them; the God who has chosen Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be the fathers of the people, Israel and the Jews, through whom He has planned from before time to bless the world through His chosen Seed and Son, Yeshua/Jesus, King of the Jews, and Savior of the world.  He still calls in His long-suffering grace all people and persons everywhere to repent, and to be saved from His wrath to come on the Day of the LORD (YHVH). Continue reading “LAMECH, AMALEK, ‘YESHU’, INTIFADA, YAD L’ACHIM”