War Update – Day 191


Today is the 191st day of the Swords of Iron war against Hamas in Gaza, following their invasion and atrocities on Oct 7, 2023 (if my counting is correct).  There are still 133 hostages remaining in horrible captivity, with reports of at least 25% of them claimed to be dead.  The others are in a prolonged condition of physical and emotional trauma and deterioration.  Their families are divided over whether to bring them out at any price, or for Israel to continue this just war to defeat the hell-bent foe. Hezbollah has continued shooting their own rockets into Israeli territory from Lebanon.  Most of the evacuated Israelis from the Gaza border area, and from the Lebanese border region are still not back home, since there is still no security there. Gazans are still suffering from being slavish victims of their own Hamas government which has brought such destruction to their lives. 

The Israeli political protests and wrangling which gripped the country for 10 months before Oct 7 have returned, largely to dismantle the current government.  Anti-Jewish and -Israel protests and violence continue around the world, with consequences putting fear into especially Jewish people and Israelis not seen in our generation.  Israel is being isolated and targeted — squeezed.  God is in control; Yeshua/Jesus/Yasua has all authority in Heaven and on Earth.  Those whose hearts are set on Him can have a peace which surpasses all understanding.

Iran itself got into the fray during this past night.  Already on Israeli news there was the report that Iran had launched hundreds of UAE’s towards Israel around 10:00pm yesterday, and were expected to get to Israeli territory — if not intercepted before that — in 4-8 hours.  Well, in less than 3 1/2 hrs much of the country was awakened by sirens warning of real-time attacks.  Now they were reporting that these were ballistic missiles.  We didn’t hear too much more about the “slow” drones.  The latest reports are that 300-400 drones and ballistic missiles were fired over by Iran, with 99% of them shot down by defense systems.  I do not know if the initial reports were miscalculations as to the estimated time of arrival, or if the missiles were an add-on by Iran after the drones were on their way.  We spent about 20-25 minutes in our bomb shelter before everything quieted down.  One young Bedouin child was seriously hurt from falling shrapnel near Arad.

Praise God for His protection, and for the praying saints lending support.  We are encouraged by the Arab brothers and sisters who are not cheering on Israel’s enemies, and we are challenged to maintain the unity of the Body in the bond of peace. 

We are thankful to the Keeper of Israel for those countries, including Jordan, the US, Britain, France who helped with the downing of some of the drones and missiles.  And, once again, the same old story about the same old thing:  the US says to Israel that they are ironclad behind us against an Iranian attack, but they do not want Israel to attack Iran, and if we do, they will not support it.  “You can defend yourself, but you cannot win”.  Iran claims that their attack was justifiable self-defense, based on Article 51 of the UN Charter.  Apparently, Israel has no right to do the same, whether against Hamas/Gaza, Hezbollah/Lebanon, Houthis/Yemen — all of whom are Iranian proxies — not to mention their head, Iran.  Israel may act in its own best interests as its leaders see fit, with or without allies support.  Jesus also has God’s own best interests at stake in the manner by which He will deal with the “hearts of kings”.

Only the one true living God will eventually defeat decisively His and His people’s enemies once-and-for-all in His way and in His time.  Until then, the aggressions of these enemies are adding up, and our Father is long-sufferingly waiting for His chosen people to call upon the name of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah/Jesus Christ to deliver and to save them.  Any peace agreement with the nations is guaranteed to fail.  God’s peace agreement, signed and sealed with the shed blood of His Son on the cross for the New Covenant forgiveness of sin, is everlasting.  “Today” is still the day of salvation for whomsoever should repent and believe the good news/gospel; “now” is still the acceptable year of YHVH before His day of wrath comes. 

God bless you as you stand with Him for the salvation of His people and nation, which will bring righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit to the whole world.


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