Written by David Wallis, a prisoner in the Kingman Prison, in Arizona, as he reflected at the beginning of this year 

If I could talk to the younger man that’s now me,  
   would I even listen or believe what I now see? 
But this is what I’d say, for now live fallen in crime,  
   and no regret, repentance, or remorse can change past time. 
Your lust is planting seeds you will reap in chagrin, 
   your mortified family will justly cast you in prison.
Nearly all who knew you will reject you in shame, 
   most even wishing they never knew your name. 
Your stubbornness is stopping any maturity in your heart, 
   but God will crush you subduing your bad start. 
In total humiliation you will consider and seek death; 
   only the power of God’s love will draw you back for what’s left. 
The Bible alone illuminates how man can be made whole, 
   for God gave us sovereignty over the decisions of our soul. 
I cried desperately for pardon to Yeshua, my last hope from Hell, 
   in brokenness found kindness, goodness, forgiveness in Christ as well. 
So now I truly say, “Lord, not my will be done”; 
   He whispers in my heart, “Hear My voice now, son”. 
No longer vain, I live obeying daily God’s holy Word; 
   Yeshua reveals Himself, and my future with Him is assured. 


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