Navigating the Waters

The name, Streams in the Negev, came from the impression which God gave us from the verses in Isaiah 41:17-20.  We come from many different streams of life, most of us having returned from many different countries and cultures and mindsets to the present-day Israel in fulfillment of prophetic promises given long ago by YHVH God through His prophets in Israel, and upheld by the Messiah Yeshua and His apostles in stating that all the promises of God will be fulfilled entirely. That fullness is not yet, but is on the way as the Lord works out His purposes to establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth at the return of the Lord at the Father’s appointed time.

Some of us who believe in the truth of Christ being in Jesus have also come from different streams within the Body of Messiah; others who have come to know the Father and the Son since coming to Israel have entered into a mighty river into which all these streams converge.This passage in Isaiah speaks of the different trees growing and living together under circumstances not natural to any, but that the thirsty seeking water will find drink from the God of Israel Himself, and all manner of water sources will open up and bring drink and life with them. It will be such a work that it will be seen and understood as being done by the Hand of YHVH, even a new creation of the Holy One of Israel! This speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ being glorified here in the desert and the wilderness of Israel. While this looks forward ultimately to the time during the Millennial Kingdom of God, we see this as spiritually applying to us now through the preaching of the good news (the gospel) in these dry parts, and that such a mix of people will grow in spiritual unity and love for one another as a testimony to its being clearly a supernatural work of the Spirit of God in us, and not a mere work of man or natural development. He has good works for us to do, and we want to be equipped for every good work to please our Father in Heaven.
Beer Sheva has Biblically been a hospitable place for the likes of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Hagar and Ishmael, even Elijah. They found it a place of divine revelation and of true, spiritual worship and praise and thanksgiving towards YHVH our God — the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob. It is indeed the “City of the Fathers”, and we desire that the true sons of Abraham — Jews, Arabs, and any other believers in Yeshua — will worship the Lord together in the beauty of holiness, serving Him without fear in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life.

(Nechalim BaNegev in transliterated Hebrew)

Yeshua's Inheritance_Streams in the Negev