Day One, Seventh Day


As I consider the Shabbat (Saturday), God told Israel to remember that He created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and rested on the seventh.  He also told Israel to keep the Sabbath because He delivered us out of bondage in Egypt.  In other words, on the Shabbat, the Jewish people are to remember our Creator, and our Redeemer/Deliverer.  When we remember what YHVH did when He created the world, the first day (Day One/One Day) He called the light out of darkness, and divided/distinguished the light from the darkness, which was created that same day. 

When a person is born-again by the Spirit from Above, we are brought into God’s light, and we see.  Both the first day of the week and the 7th day of the week are unique days, and the day after the Sabbath recalls both:  we are a new creation in Messiah Yeshua/Christ Jesus, our Creator and our Redeemer/Savior; and God still has His plan for this creation through the salvation of Israel.  Our sins are forgiven, and through Him we know the Father and receive the Holy Spirit unto everlasting life with the Lord!  Isn’t that wonderfully good news?! 

And connected with this good news is that Yeshua is coming again, and all who are His will be gathered together with Him.  The Kingdom of God will be established throughout the universe that He created and made for His glory, and the joy of all who love Him.


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