Shalom James,

Thanks again for your last communication, and if I can provide you any suitable information I will be glad to do so.

I do want to return to a question I asked earlier regarding verse 24 in Leviticus chapter 23, if perhaps you can explain to me the significance of “the one of the month (renewal).

– Does it necessarily imply the first day of the seventh month?
– Does the “one of the seventh month” occur each calendar year?
– Is it related to the concurrence of the first day of the seventh month with the first day of autumn at the fall equinox (which I think is Sept. 21), which is the case this year?

It is very probable, as you have mentioned, that longer periods are involved in these “set times”, as well as regular, smaller intervals of time:  the partial fulfillment bearing witness to a sure and ultimate full-fillment, or filling full.

With appreciation,
Howard Bass


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