Record May Rainfall in All of Israel – 9 May 2014


Israel experienced a rare nation-wide lightning and thunder storm, pouring record amounts of rainfall, accompanied by hail, going back to 1920.  On Wednesday night, May 7, the storm began, continuing through much of the day on Thursday.   The Negev region suffered flash floods and stranded hikers and tourists.

In the Negev, May is usually a dry month, following the rainy season of the Israeli winter.   This winter was exceptionally dry throughout much of the country, and the rainfall of the last two days was more than January and February combined!  The roads into and out of the southern-most city of Eilat were closed due to flooding.  Beer Sheva received app. 36 mm of rain; Arad 44 mm!

You can read a fuller account, with a video of the falls at Ein Gedi across from the Dead Sea, in this news article from the English version of HAARETZ


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