Israel’s Independence Day – 6 May 2014


Tuesday, May 6, is Israel’s 66th Independence Day.  Millions of Jews suffered, were murdered, died in the Holocaust; tens of thousands more have died in the wars from the inception of the re-establishment of the Jewish people back in their homeland; hundreds are memorialized for their deaths since 1860 as they ‘returned to Zion’.  All of this human tragedy and valor as a price in order to be redeemed from the lands of exile, scattered around the globe, after 1900 years, and to be free as a people in their own  land.  And yet. . . .there is still no genuine and lasting peace, freedom, nor true independence.  These can come only from God, and specifically from the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob — Yehovah, Possessor of Heaven and Earth.

No man can save himself, at any price.  He needs the right man who has legal rights of redemption, and is capable and willing to pay the price required.  Redemption is always from a negative state to a restored and improved positive situation than the original condition had been.  For example, we who know Jesus/Yeshua as Lord and Messiah, have not been forgiven of our sins just to continue on as before.  This might seem “good enough”.  But no!  We have also received the indwelling of God’s own Spirit to purify us, and have inherited eternal life and the Kingdom of God with the Lord!   Far better!  The eternal life is not a return to the original ‘Paradise’, the Garden of Eden, as good as that might seem:  the serpent, the devil, was there, as was the forbidden fruit to frustrate mankind from the beginning.  The New Heavens and New Earth for the redeemed will be perfect, with all futility removed and no thing to mar them forever.  Far better!

When we fellowship in the Lord’s Supper, we remember our redemption and the price paid for it.  But it is not something merely factual:  we remember with love and thanksgiving our Redeemer and Ransomer who gave Himself as the human seed of Abraham, that all who believe — whether of Abraham’s natural covenanted family or not — receive the unimaginable greater benefits which come with salvation, bought with the price of the blood of the Son of God crucified.  Yeshua the Messiah/Jesus Christ is the New Covenant:  He is the Lamb slain; His is the blood.  God has raised Him from the dead and given Him glory.  He is Israel’s Hope.

We were slaves to sin and death; now we are free to righteousness and life.  A return to God through Jesus, and knowing the Father and the Son  — and being known by the Lord:  this is true peace, liberty, and independence.


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