OBADIAH (~840 or 587 BC)


Edom is Esau, who always has acted with hatred and murderous bitterness towards his brother Jacob/Israel (Gen 27:41).  Edom represents those nations and people acting in the flesh against YHVH God’s sovereignty and choice.

Edom’s spirit:

v. 10   Edom’s violence against his brother Jacob
           —Gen 27:39-41   intifada; Esau’s murderous grudge against his brother, Jacob
           —Gen 33   Jacob/Israel meets Esau, and seeks favor in his eyes; not true reconciliation, especially regarding the land
           —Num 20:14-21   Edom refused to give his brother Israel (the people) passage on their way to Canaan, the Promised Land of Inheritance
           —Ezek 35 – 36:5   YHVH God against Seir and Edom because of their perpetual hatred against the children of Israel

v. 11   Edom stood by while Jerusalem was invaded
v. 12   Edom gazed and rejoiced over the sons of Judah in the day of his captivity, the day of their destruction, and spoke proudly in the day of distress

v. 13   Edom actively participated in the sacking of Jerusalem in the day of their calamity while gazing at their affliction
v. 14   Edom helped set up roadblocks to prevent the escape of their brothers in the day of distress

v. 15   Edom will be destroyed on the Day of YHVH

v. 17   But the remnant of the house of Jacob will be holy and will possess their possessions

v. 21 (Ezek 48:35; Joel 4:21 [3:21Eng])   The Kingdom will be YHVH’s!


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