Trump Trumps! — 9 Nov 2016


They said it couldn’t be done, but he did it!  Political election surveys have become little more than a form of divination.  It really is hard to think of Donald Trump as President Trump.  But it’s great that we are not going to be saying President Clinton any more.  I still look to the coming of the rightful Heir of the ‘freed’ world, the Son of God, the Lord Messiah Yeshua!  This world is still lying under the sway of the evil one, and Israel still remains an enemy of the gospel for the Gentile’s salvation sake.  So the Millennial Kingdom has not yet dawned, nor has the night even yet settled.

Yet there is hope that Trump’s victory will be used by God to wake up the Church (the Body of Messiah) and the Jewish people to God’s own plan for righteousness and justice and equity, and to shake things up to work towards that objective.  Some days ago I listened to a video by a well-known Christian, who said that Trump was God’s Cyrus candidate, and that Trump would be used by God to enable Christians to gain power and influence.  I was thinking that was a poor analogy and a misplaced hope.  He was looking for the Church to be empowered “to take over” rather than for Jesus to come back and reign.

I thought more of Jehu, whom YHVH sent Elijah to anoint that Jehu would destroy the House of Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel, and all their governmental and religious allies.  (1Kg 19:15-18; 2Kg 10:6-11)  Trump, I pray and hope, is not going to go round actually killing those who have been bringing the U.S. down, but many of those who have are going to lose much of their influence.  I pray that there will be some among them who will truly repent and believe the gospel.  The same for Trump and those close to him.  Jehu did not go on in faithfulness to God and His covenant, but amazingly followed the ways of those whom had been called and anointed by the LORD to bring down and destroy.

This is where the new Vice-President, Mike Pence, comes in.  He was selected by Trump to be his running-mate, in part, I believe, because Pence is an evangelical Christian.  He could pull in conservative Christians (although not all born-again evangelicals are necessarily conservative), and he was experienced as a politician as a Governor and as a Congressman.  Mike needs to hold Trump accountable to his word, and to his behavior.  Mike needs to be a Daniel, who feared and continued to faithfully serve his God — the God of Israel — while also faithfully and with integrity serving the Gentile kings, such as Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon and Darius of the Medes.  Daniel did not fear them, but did respect them and their God-given authority.  Mike, who describes himself as a Christian firstly, must continue to be that so that he will not be partisan but truthful, evangelical (Daniel called Nebudchanezzer to repent from his evil ways and know the true God of Heaven and Earth), humble, completely trustworthy, and proved that his faith was a living faith in a living God.  Daniel also received revelation and wisdom concerning God’s future plans in the latter days, days in which we are now living.  I pray that the vice-president will be the man of God that is needed in leadership and counsel.


  1. Thank-you, Don, for your insights. I do think you are right that his inclination would be toward those you mention, and I have heard that Paula White is a family counselor.

    The Lord Yeshua does reign on high, and He has taken all these things into account towards bringing glory to the Father, who will glorify His Son!

  2. Some of your concerns in the second paragraph may be valid. It appears that Trump’s brush with what is considered Christianity is primarily with the New Apostolic Reformation proponents whose theology is highly questionable at best and absolutely apostate at worst. His success in the business world, while earned and deserved, may lead to an affinity for those who demonstrate the same type of success, namely the health/wealth/prosperity name it-claim it charlatans in America churchianity who have enriched themselves at the expense their followers. Psalm 2 seems to show that worry over politics is pointless; YHWH laughs at the hubris of humans while His purposes continue. But warnings against false prophets saturate both the Tanakh and the Brit Chadasha.
    On the other hand, it looks like he is demonstrating wisdom in the people with which he is choosing to surround himself politically, from Mike Pence to the early choices for his transition team.
    We thank you for your concern and prayers for our country. From a social/cultural perspective, I don’t see how YHWH can bless America. Biblical ignorance among so-called Christians is at an all time high. Yet YHWH continues to demonstrate grace toward us.


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