Lawsuit Update – 23 Nov 2009


Shalom to All,

Many of you have written, and even called, to express your support and encouragements for our day in court today.  This has been wonderfully gratifying to us, for we know through you how much God is with us.

Yesterday, brothers and sisters from all parts of the country, and also from Europe and North America, came together at the ‘Old House’, where the Nachalat Yeshua Congregation meets together to worship.  There was a joyful and meekly confident spirit amongst us all as we gave ourselves to thank, to praise, and to worship our Heavenly Father and the Lord Yeshua, the Lamb upon the Throne.  Something special took place yesterday, which we pray and believe the Holy Spirit to carry through towards sanctifying the Body of Messiah — even as we sanctify ourselves — to fulfill the answer to Messiah’s, the Son of God’s prayer for our complete union, which will be the full testimony of who He is and who we are in Him.  Many thanks to Arni Klein for taking this whole matter to heart, and to act in faith upon it.

Today, we woke up hearing that the court recorders (stenographers) were still on strike, and thought that we may not have a day in court after all.  We know that all of this is in Yeshua’s hands, which is a TREMENDOUS benefit of being His!  At the court, and in the courtroom — once again filled by faithful and interested fellow believers from different cities of Israel (including the Ortiz family) — the judge offered himself to type out the transcript (the protocol), but in a condensed form.  This was accepted by all the parties.

We were able only to question the Beer Sheva Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yehuda Deri.  The judge on several occasions wanted to restrict our lawyer from questioning Deri as much as would be necessary to the main defendant.  It seems that the time was more important than clearly understanding the reason why we have accused Deri of primary responsibility for the illegal events of that day on December 24, 2005.

We were not able to question Rabbi Alex Artovsky of Yad L’Achim today, which will actually give our lawyers more time to prepare closing arguments.  God is for us because we are on His side in Yeshua!   We are actively seeking His help.The judge has scheduled another day to conclude the trial:  Tuesday, March 9, 2010!  The Lord is also the Father of Times!

Our case will not prevent further harassments or persecutions from coming against the believers in Israel.  We hope, though, that by it, it will help to deliver many from being persecutors, and to become lovers and disciples of the One who alone is the Good Shepherd and Righteous King.

Once again, there was no news reporter present.  God will bring the hidden things to light in His way and time.

Thank-you all again for your steadfast prayers and genuine support for us all.  Please remember the Ortizes, as they prepare for their own trial against Yaacov Teitel, the ‘Jewish terrorist’, next month in Jerusalem.

You’re wonderful,
Howard and Randi


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