Lawsuit Update – 10 Jun 2009


Shalom Brethren,

We want to thank so many of you who have written or called, both before the day in court today, and since we left there this afternoon.  Your support and encouragement have been a real strength for us and a hopeful indication of the Lord’s blessings upon this entire affair.  Also, on Sunday, the evening of praise and intercession was very freeing in the Spirit and a big part of our preparation for the battle we are in.  It was a very tiring day.  It is very much WORK for the lawyers.

It is definitely a battle, but it is also the day that the Lord has made!  A number of brothers and sisters have received Psalm 37 as a word for us, as well as Isaiah 51:1-8.

Arab brothers have also stood with us, and one dear brother even came to the court today from the far north!  The Body of Messiah in Israel is being prepared for greater things to come!

Judge Iddo Ruzin today was very tough, but I would say fair.  Most of the witnesses on our side were called, which was actually a surprise for both sides that things were moved along so quickly.  THE JUDGE ADMITTED THAT “A VERY SERIOUS INCIDENT” OCCURRED AND THAT THAT IS INDISPUTABLE.  What we must do at the next session on Sunday, June 21, is prove that Rabbi Deri and Yad L’Achim are linked to this ‘very serious incident’ and are responsible and liable for the riot and offenses and damages.We want to make the name of Yeshua honorable and faith in Him acceptable as Jews.  I personally believe that by upholding a righteous standard the Holy Spirit can ‘more effectively’ bring conviction of sin, which Yeshua described as “not believing in Him”.  We want to be credible as witnesses and shown to be responsible and accountable for our actions and words.

We pray that this case will be used by the Lord towards more Jewish/Israeli people being freed from the strongholds over their minds against the gospel, and to believe it!  Lawlessness will increase, whether we win or ‘lose’ this case, and we desire God’s mercy to save more before the wrath to come.

Additional Prayer Points for June 21

–for God to continue to confuse lying tongues
–that Deri and the Yad L’Achim rep, [probably] Alex Artrovski, will not give compatible testimonies
–that their lawyers will not be able to undo damage done in cross-examination by our lawyers, Marvin and Kevork, of Deri and Artrovski
–discernment for Judge Iddo Ruzin as to who is speaking truth
–boldness to render a decision in accordance with God’s righteousness

Even so, come Lord Jesus,


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