Lawsuit Suit – 10 Nov 2009


Dear All,

The anticipation of our scheduled final day in court on November 23 is increasing.  Believers from all around Israel and from other nations are writing and encouraging and PRAYING for the righteousness of God to be revealed through the proceedings of the day, and especially in the verdict which the judge will deliver sometime up till December 23, four years after the illegal event which we believe that the anti-Christian/Messianic organization, Yad L’Achim, represented by Rabbi Alex Artovsky, and the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Beer Sheva, Yehuda Deri, are legally responsible or irresponsible for inciting and approving.  Sunday the 22nd has been set apart as a national day of worship and intercession, with many from the Body of Messiah in Israel coming together that day.

Both of the defendants are connected with the Chabad sect within ‘normative’ Judaism, and they have elevated their Rebbe from Brooklyn who died in 1994 to a position which can only be properly given to the true Messiah and only-begotten Son of God.  Their rejection of YHVH God’s Anointed One for one who has come in his own name is what animates their extremely hostile spirit.  Along with this is the fear that all they have ever learned as being ‘truth’ is being shown to be actually a lie, and, unless one is prepared to come into the light, then what light there is will fade even more.

Our charges against the two defendants include illegal demonstration; trespass onto private property; offense to religious sensitivities; slander; damage to property, both personal and congregational.  Both of the defendants will testify in court on Nov 23.  The witnesses for our side concluded testimonies on June 10 and 21.  All of the lawyers representing both sides have been instructed by Judge Iddo Ruzin to present their closing arguments verbally in the court on Nov 23.  This is an added burden on ours, Marvin Kramer and Kevork Nalbandian, but also an excellent opportunity to publicly convince the Judge and those in the courtroom of the justification of our case.

Once again we remind you:  This case is not against Israel or against the Jewish people. It is not to be used in any way to foment or promote anti-Israel or anti-Jewish actions or reactions. It is already known through the Scriptures that Israel at present is opposed to the good news of God, so we are not out to make them an enemy. Nor is our legal action intended to be used by any other minority or religious groups in Israel to encourage or affirm anti-Israel/Jewish sentiment. For the sake of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, Israel and her people are beloved by God the Father for His honor and glory, and for the honor and glory of His Son.It is clear to all of you who have joined with us that this lawsuit is not a personal one, but rather a representative one.  That is why the Holy Spirit has been bringing us all together and so many taking part in the battle for the sanctification of the name of the Lord Yeshua Messiah/ Jesus Christ here in Israel, the land and the people which are His both by birthright and by the Father’s covenantal blessings.  In any case, since Yeshua is Heir of all things and has authority over all things, we want and pray that the fear of YHVH would come upon His people, and that many would be saved by calling upon His name.  The knowledge that there is both good and evil already makes us ‘like God’, but to be truly a child of God is not only to know that there is both good and evil, but to also discern and distinguish between them — and to choose the good! almost a month earlier who planted the bomb at the Ortiz home at Purim, March 2008, almost killing the youngest son, Ami.  The Jewish American Israeli nationalist zealot has also confessed to other actual murders and attempted murders of others he  perceives to be a threat to his version of a Jewish Zionist state;

Very recently two significant news items have surfaced which helps to put our case and that of the situation involving the Ortiz family in Ariel in perspective for those who have eyes to see:
firstly, on Oct 28 the gag order was removed regarding the arrest of the man who was arrested

secondly, yesterday’s (Monday) Maariv newspaper headlined on the front page an extreme Jewish rabbi and his new book in which he promotes the killing of Gentiles and any  others who threaten his version of a Jewish Zionist state.

We want to work while it is still day.  The night IS coming, and, according to the words of Messiah Himself, no one will be able to work.  May the power and grace of our God work in and through us to honor His holy name.

God bless you, and all of us together for His name’s sake, and for the gospel,


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