Prov 25:2   It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to investigate a matter.
                 –The whole Bible is written about Yeshua/Jesus!
                 –Their heart burned within the two disciples as Jesus explained that the Bible is all about Him.  

Jer 23:5-6; 33:14-16   a righteous Branch/Plant (tzemach, a ‘living organism’) and KingYHVH our righteousness  

Zech 3:8   My Slave/Servant the Branch/Plant  

Zech 6:12   Behold, the Man whose name is the Branch/Plant     Humanity   

Is 4:2   The Branch/Plant YHVH                                                  Deity   

Messiah/Tzemach in the Four Gospels   

Mt 2:23; Is 11:1; Ps 2   KING: highest earthly position
                     –genealogy from Abraham and David (Abrahamic and Davidic roots as Hebrew/Israeli/Jew)
                     –Son of David/ royal lineage
                        –rejected by citizens and builders
                        –established by God
                     –King of Israel and of the Jews
                       –born to be King
                       –killed as King  

Mk 3:7-8; 6:1-6; 10:45; Phlp 2:5-8  SLAVE/SERVANT: lowest earthly position
                     –no genealogy; not necessary for a slave
                     –Servant of YHVH
                        –Jesus did many deeds and miracles, the works of His Father, God
                     –came to serve, not to be served
                     –He took upon Himself the form of a servant  

Lk 3:38; Ps 8   the ideal MAN IN GOD’S IMAGE
                     –genealogy back to Adam and to God
                        –the 2nd Adam
                     –Son of Man/Son of God:  the perfect Human Being  

Jn 1:29-34;3:13-18; 10:24-33; 12:39-41; 20:26-31  Son of GOD/ Son of Man
                     –Messiah is YHVH
                     –no genealogy; does not exist for God
                     –Yeshua and the Father are one:  Shema Israel, YHVH our God(s), YHVH is one!   

Jesus Christ is the Messiah (the Anointed MAN), the Son of God (GOD), who came in the flesh to redeem us, and who serves us as our Great High Priest.  

Upon this confession, Yeshua builds His church, which is His Body, His Bride.  

Yeshua/Jesus has received the name above all names – YHVH – and no other name is given under Heaven by which people may be saved, other than Yeshua/Jesus!   


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