Purim Prayers


Prayers and supplications and thanksgiving on topics that come out from the lessons of Purim for us today.  I call them “perpetual prayers”, because we will be praying about these matters for the long-term, with hope of some short-term answers until all is fulfilled according to the will of God.

Here are the essential issues that we prayed about, and you can join in, too, ‘perpetually’: 

1.  Thanking God our Father and the Lord Yeshua/Jesus for His faithfulness to Israel and the Jewish people — and to those in Messiah/Christ — because of the New Covenant, in which He forgives us for all our sin and sins; 

2.  Repentance by Messianic Jews and Christians regarding our primary identity as God’s chosen people, and that we would love the things of the Kingdom of God more than the things of this world.  We are in the world, but not of the world.  A year has passed that we could not do many of the things that we enjoy, but we could read the Word of God more, we could pray more as families, we could strengthen our relationship with the Lord.  We do not want the covid-19 pandemic to end just in order to return to “normal life” at the expense of our lives in the Holy Spirit;

3.  More aliyah/immigration among Jewish people still in physical exile, and for the return home of more Israeli Jews who have left Israel as “home”.  Even more so, that many more Jews would repent and believe the gospel for their salvation, and really come home….to their Father in Heaven. 

4.  That in the next elections a month from now (the fourth in two years), a government would form that will make possible the immigration of Messianic Jews.  This principally involves the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, and sometimes, just a civil servant clerk. 

The Holy Spirit can help you more with understanding these basics as you read the Scriptures and pray.   


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