Dimona Still in The Bible – 16 Jan 2018


Dimona is a Negev city southeast of Beer Sheva, lying right between Abraham’s city and the Dead Sea. It is mentioned in the Bible as belonging to the Tribe of Judah, near the edge of the territory. (Josh 15:21-22) It is a small city, and is also home to the Black Hebrews. It is probably most famous for the Israeli Negev Nuclear Research Center beyond the limits of the city on the SE side. Since the Scriptures are written for us living at the end of the age, and hostility towards Israel’s rebirth as a nation are related, so, too, is the Jewish Israeli people’s opposition to the gospel, since we are “miraculously” succeeding and thriving as a nation “without believing in Jesus”.

We went down to Dimona last week, and again today. The situation there is heating up again, with the Chabad Rabbi stirring up protests and demonstrations against our friends and co-laborers, who are again opening up their nice little ‘meeting place’, situated just across from the offices of the city’s rabbinic authority (the Rabbinate). The Chabad rabbi brings together teenagers from the local yeshiva (Jewish study center) to annoy and to disturb their peace, and the peace of some of the other local shop owners in the commercial center of the city. Some of the general public join in. One particular woman next to their shop has stood out and challenged the protesters, being kind to A & E. A few others do the same. They are demonstrating a humble and quiet, but confident, spirit as they serve the Messiah Yeshua and love His people. The police chief was supposed to have met with them today, but cancelled the meeting. The mayor, who gave his personal permission to re-open the “Mifgash” after several months of being closed, has stepped back from any responsibility, and told A&E that the matter is between the police and the rabbis. The rabbis want the mayor to see to it that the “missionary center” is closed down for good.

Today a man came in and threatened A&E with their life if they do not close down the place. The stirred-up teens and the rabbi curse them, blaspheme the name of the Lord, call them Nazis or Haman or Edom; even Satan’s representatives. Is this not what Jesus told His disciples? If they called Him “Baalzebub”, or accused Him of having a demon, then they would call us and accuse us the same. This is part of our lives and calling as His disciples and witnesses; and if we suffer with Him, then we will also reign with Him. This should not be something that brings out antisemitism in a believer in the unchanging Word of God, who knows the end from the beginning. Nor should this diminish the hope of the believer in God’s covenantal plan and purpose for His nation that the day will come when they see Him whom they have pierced, and afflict their souls as He forgives them all of their sins and unfaithfulness against Him. (Lev 26:40-45; Zech 12:10-14; Heb 8:7-12; Rev 1:7)

The Jewish people remain partially hardened and blinded to the gospel, in the sovereign wisdom and everlasting love of God, so that the fullness of the Gentiles can come in; and they also remain beloved for the sake of the fathers — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel. Praise the LORD!


  1. Howard, thank you for sharing this…..I will pray for the believers in Dimona, and that the Lord will see fit to soften hearts and reveal Himself, even if to only one, and for believers to be strengthened and encouraged in the Lord, who will never leave or forsake them


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