Tzemach – generic Hebrew word for vegetative plant; sprout, spring up; spring or shine forth, like the sunrise; posterity

Is 4:2; Jer 23:5; 33:15; Zech 3:8; 6:12; Ps 132:17 – future ruler Priest-King (the “Branch”; better translated the “Plant”)

The Branch is actually the whole Plant (Tzemach), and is described as being the Man who is YHVH; as being the son of David who is YHVH; as being the Righteous Judge and King; as being YHVH God’s Servant; as being the Man.  (These descriptions of Messiah being King, Servant, Man, and God are also seen in the cherubim described by Ezekiel; in the four living beings (creatures) described by John in the Revelation; and in the specific focus of each of the four gospel accounts.)

Is 44:4 – posterity

Is the focus of our faith and life Israel? . . .the Church? . . . or Yeshua?
“The whole of the scoll is written of Me.”
Plants depict the power of resurrection life, as they die to rise again, and were created on the third day.

Gen 2:9; 3:24; Prov 3:18; 11:30; Rev 2:7 – Tree of Life
Gen 3:7; Jn 1:48-50 – Fig tree and leaf
2 Sam 23:4 – the Righteous Ruler like tender grass shining after rain
Is 11:1; Mt 2:23; Rev 22:16 – Shoot (hoter) from the trunk; Twig (netzer) from the roots = whole new tree; Yeshua the Notzri (Jesus the Nazarene):  Root and Offspring
Is 53:2 – tender plant (yonek); root out of dry ground
Ezek 17:23 – Cedar tree
Ps 1 – the Righteous One like a tree planted by rivers of water
Ps 92 – Palm tree; Cedar inLebanon
Jn 12:24; 1 Cor 15:36-38 – Corn of wheat; God brings forth bread from the Earth; life from purposeful and sacrificial death
Jn 15:1-8; Nah 2:2; Ezek 17:6; Ps 80:8-11 (9-12) – Vine; God is Creator of the Fruit of the Vine (Jesus is the Vine; we are the fruit.)
Rom 11:17, 24; Hos 14:6 – cultivated Olive tree
Rom 11:18; Rev 22:16 – Root and Offspring:  Messianic promises — hope cultivated in and through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) — by God, the Husbandman, regarding His Son


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