Verse Behind Bars — David Wallis


Editor’s Note:  These poems have been composed by a brother in the faith, David Wallis, incarcerated in Kingman Prison, in Arizona.  God changes lives, lifts our heads, and gives living hope through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah. 

For God’s Pleasure

Created in God’s image we think, feel, and desire,
   so from the depths He calls us — in Christ we may go higher.
Relinquishing possession to Christ — my inner man, my rights 
   purged will in union with Him now desires His holy delight.
In the purpose of God’s will predestined by grace to abound, 
   Holy Spirit sealed for God’s pleasure to be found. 

His Profound Thoughts (2Pt 1:4)

God’s passion to interact with mankind is clearly seen;
Jesus removed all barriers man’s rebellion put between.
Friendship with God develops as quality time we give His Word,
Profound thoughts are spoken in our heart they are heard.
Faith, love, assurance grow in this exclusive relationship
As the fullness of the Spirit births a life of worship on our lips.

Unsearchable Riches (Eph 3:8)

Messiah’s life administered infinite love provision power
Without sin He abounded unsearchable riches every hour;
Torturous murder continuous pain; Yeshua’s final cry, “It’s complete!”
Salvation by faith to all, His indwelling in us to meet.

God’s pleasure purposed everyone in Messiah no lack,
All spiritual blessings in Yeshua, a lifetime to unpack.
God gives us far more than our ability to ask or see;
By His fullness in our spirit we have His power and authority.

So my prayer for all believers — circumcised in heart and soul — 
Speak this gospel: “Messiah in us”, Who alone makes us whole. 



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