Through Judgments and War, KNOW that YHVH, He is GOD!


Rev 19:11-16   Jesus in righteousness judges and makes war  

Gen 2:4   YHVH God is the Creator of the Earth and the Heavens  

Ex 3:14-15   YHVH, God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob; His memorial name to all generations
     6:7-9   the children of Israel will know that YHVH is God by His bringing them out of Egyptian bondage, and into the land of promise
     7:3-5   the Egyptians learned that YHVH, He is God by His great judgments
     8:22-23 (18-19 Heb)   Pharaoh found out YHVH is God Almighty as He makes a distinction between His people and the people of Egypt
     9:16-17   all the Earth will know the name of YHVH by His great power shown towards Pharaoh
    10:1-2   Moses and his sons and his sons’ sons (from generation to generation) will know YHVH is God by His special acts against Pharaoh
    12:12   YHVH defeated all the gods of Egypt
    14:1-4,18   the Egyptians confirmed in their knowing that YHVH is greater than the gods of Egypt, when He gained honor over them in leading Pharaoh and his army into the sea to overthrow them all
    14:30-31   the Israelis saw that YHVH is the Savior God
    15:1-3,11   the Song of Moses:  celebrating the victory; YHVH is my God; there is none like Him!  

Is 43:10-12; Jn 15:16; Acts 1:8; 1Pt 2:9   Israel is God’s chosen people and witnesses to know and serve YHVH as their God, and and that He is the only true God  

Jer 50:29; 51:19   Babylon will know that YHVH is God when He shows Himself strong on Israel‘s behalf  

Ezek 20:39-44   Israel will know that YHVH is God when He brings them back to the Land of Israel and deals with them not according to their own doings, but for His own name’s sake
         33:27-29   those Jews who thought that they were safe because of being chosen and more in number than Abraham alone will find out that YHVH is God in His judging them for pride
         36:1-12   the Land of Israel will know that YHVH is God when He re-possesses it and gives it peace
         38:14-17   Gog, in the latter days, will know that YHVH is God when He is hallowed in their eyes in protection and defense of His people Israel in His war against Gog  

Zech 14:16-17   the nations will know and be required to worship YHVH as God during the Millennial  

Col 2:15   the principalities and powers know that Jesus is YHVH, the Son of God through His military victory by His death on the cross  

Heb 8:10-12   all Israel (the full remnant) will know YHVH when they enter into the New Covenant, their sins forgiven  

Rev 5:13-14   EVERY creature will know YHVH, the Father and the Lamb, is God
       15:1-4   The Song of Moses and of the Lamb:  the victors and all nations will know and celebrate YHVH as God through His righteous ways and judgments.          

Even so, come Lord Jesus!


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