Things Present, and Things To Come


The Great Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble is coming, and the Church/Body of Messiah needs to be prepared for that.  Jacob’s Trouble is not just Jacob’s trouble:  the devil is furious against all those in covenant with YHVH — with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and with Christians, especially those who faithfully keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus. (Rev 12:17)

It has been my experience when talking with other pastors and leaders in Israel about such future things that there is a reluctance, if not outright disagreement, to consider this possibility.  It is certainly not comfortable.  But what is troubling is that some do not want to speak of the trouble to come too openly because they think it will be bad for fund-raising and bad for generating prayer for Israel and the Jewish people!  They say that people won’t donate to Israeli Messianic/Christian ministries if God is just going to judge His people and nation; and why pray for Israel if God is going to judge them? Brothers and sisters, do not base your stand and commitment to Israel based on appearances!  Stand with Israel; pray for Jewish people to be saved now; donate to congregations and ministries that are active in evangelizing the Jews and Arabs and others. 

Both Peter and Paul taught and preached to the Jews and to the Gentiles to believe now for salvation and to thereby be saved from God’s wrath to come. (Acts 3:22-23; 1Thes 1:8-10)  Donate to ministries and congregations that help the poor and needy, especially within the household of faith, and also to those outside who need to see the love of Jesus/Yeshua through our good works shining for the glory of the Father.  God’s judgments are still His Fatherly chastisements upon those He calls His children, even though — and because — they are rebellious.  Our suffering is intended to draw us closer to the Lord, not loving our lives more than we love Him who died for us; and to purify the Bride, while putting to shame those who hate us simply because we now love Jesus. 

During this past week President Trump laid out his “Deal of the Century”, seeking to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  This plan acknowledges the Jewish people’s homeland being in the land of Israel, which is something no previous administration has done. It also seems to assume that the Palestinians will once again reject the plan, as they have all previous plans for “peace”.  Islam will no more accept the Jews sovereignty and possession in YHVH’s promised land to them for an inheritance any more than Judaism will accept that Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah and the Son of God.  I do not know what covenant or treaty that the Prophet Daniel wrote about the antichrist (I believe) confirming, but what if one day an Islamic leader does accept a treaty or covenant that seems to be in Israel’s interests?  Will we be prepared to discern that?  I do not really understand how many evangelical Arab believers — especially those identifying themselves as Palestinian — can prefer an Islamic state with Sharia law rather than believing the Bible that God says He is keeping His promises to bring His chosen people back to this land in unbelief.  Even if God is not fulfilling prophecy (which I certainly believe that He is), why would they want to see Israel wiped out and think that their lives will be better under Islam?! 

God is working at different levels:  this is His land, which He has covenanted to Israel; and He is letting the world know that He is “still here”.  And, He still has a controversy with His people in order for them to fully inherit and possess the land in righteousness and peace:  they must repent and return to Him through faith in Yeshua whom they still reject and deny. 


  1. Great article Howard! I share your concern about the apparent lack of interest in the mighty work of the Lord unfolding right before our eyes….I pray this will change as events reveal His plan.

    Rev 12 is being fulfilled as we speak…..the effect of satan being thrown to earth is anti-Jewish and anti-Christian persecution which have markedly increased in the last 2 years, even as the Magog alliance is crystallizing in plain sight, with the motive of natural gas control.


    • Welcome back, Sam! Yes, symptoms of the anti-semitic/anti-Jewish (the chosen seed through whom Messiah came) virus are spreading, giving people due notice of a major outbreak to come. The coronavirus now threatening a large part of the world’s population shows how easily man’s efforts at “making this world better” can quickly be undone. Only the coming again of the Lord will put an end to war, including viruses, and give peace to the people and the nations who call upon the name of the LORD Yeshua/Jesus for salvation.


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