(Friends of Israel conference, Finland; 18-21 Mar 2002)

1. Jesus is LORD:  worship God in spirit and truth; no idolatry; God is one
–Jesus is the King of the Jews/Israel; Jesus is the Glory of Israel Mt 2:2; Jn 19:19; Lk 2:32; Jn 1:49
–Name above all names: YHVH Philp 2:9-11; Is 45:23; John 12:41
–Sanctity of God’s Name; Witnesses to the truth of YHVH Ex 3:14-15; Mt 6:9; Pr 30:4; Ezek 36:21; 1Jn 2:22-23; 4:2

–Trinity: based on revelation to Israel/Jews  Japheth brought into tents of Shem Gen 9:27
    –to be God’s Son is to be equal with God
    –the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth; glorifies Jesus and the Father
   –equal honor to the Son and to the Father, for Jesus is committed as Judge Jn 5:21-30
   –God’s Name being forgotten Jer 23:27  

 2.  Millenial Kingdom:  the whole of this creation groans awaiting the full redemption Rom 8:18-23
–the devil will not win anything, now or in the world to come
–the nation of Israel gives significance, meaning, purpose to every other nation and people group
   –Adam and Eve:  individuals and their offspring given redemption and hope
   –nations and peoples after the Flood and the Tower of Babel
   –Abraham the father of many nations
      –promises still unrealized for the Promised Land and for the Earth
      –every jot and tittle to be fulfilled
      –all promises of God ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ in Christ Jesus
      –prophesies surrounding birth of Jesus by Zecharias, Mary, Simeon, Anna
–much more written in Bible about future condition of this Earth than of new Heaven and Earth
   –a spiritual battle 2Cor 10:4-6  spiritual weapons mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down everything which exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought captive to obedience Messiah
      –God’s honor and faithfulness:  consider attitudes of Moses (Num 14:11-24) and Paul (Rom 9:1-3)
      –God’s holy Name of YHVH Ex 3:14-15; Acts 4:10-12 (Jesus: no other name under Heaven); Rom 10:9-14
      –Against the LORD and against His Anointed Ps 2
      –God’s Word is Truth; He cannot lie; callings and gifts without repentance
      –battle over Jerusalem and of the Land of Israel (not Palestine)
–all have disobeyed God so that He can have mercy on all Rom 11:32
If we do not believe what is written about the beginning and of earthly things, how can we believe what is written about the end and of spiritual, eternal things?

 3.  Nations of Jacob/Israel and of Esau/Edom  (Gen 25:23)
–peace and reconciliation?
–former Muslims given new heart and new spirit; delivered from powers of darkness; seek signs
–harder for “natural born” Arab Christians to accept Israel because of replacement theology

 4.  The faith in Messiah Jesus different from all others:  the world turned upside down Acts 17:6
–new covenant not like the old Jer 31:31-32
      –God in us, not just for us or with us
     –Holy Spirit given to all believers, not only to Israelis, or men, or prophets, priests, kings
     –sons and daughters of God, not merely slaves or servants
     –food barriers broken down
     –priesthood of all believers – male and female — from any family
     –a better covenant with better promises Heb 7:20 – 8:6
–gospel is neither Jewish nor Greek Gal 1:12  not of man but by revelation from God
–the greater shall serve the younger Gen 25:23b; Mt 20:24-28
–to whom much is given (the birthright and blessing by sovereign will, wisdom, and grace), much is required:  double honor and doub judgment (Is 40:2; Rom 2:9-10)
        –for individuals and for nations
         –Jewish believers most accountable persons; people of Israel most accountable nation
            –Jesus came to serve; He washed His disciples’ feet; He made them breakfast; He will serve us at the great supper  Lk 12:37; God cannot deny Himself:  He is who He is

 5.  Why aren’t more Israeli Jews being saved?  Ezek 11:14-16; Zech 12:7; Rom 11:25-32  

 6.  Passover and the LORD’s appointed times
      –keep the Word of Jesus and hold on to what we have  Rev 3:8-10
–the day after the Sabbath  Lev 23:11,15,16 


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