The Passover, The Resurrection, The Present Ingathering, The Final Redemption – 3 Apr 2015



In Judaism there is an expectation of a greater Passover to come.  There is the expectation the prophet Elijah to come herald the coming of Messiah.  For us who believe that Yeshua/Jesus is the Messiah that was promised, we believe that John the Baptiser came in the spirit of Elijah to herald the Lamb of God, even Yeshua, the Son of God.

And, indeed, there is a greater Passover taking place right now that is often overlooked by most Jewish people:  the God of Israel says that the present ingathering of Jewish people from around the world back to the Land promised in covenant to the seed of Jacob is a greater Passover deliverance than what He did to bring out His chosen people from Egypt about 3500 years ago.

Gen 15:12-14   God is letting Abraham know something about what the future held for his descendants, the Children of Israel, who did not yet even exist.

Prophecy is given to help us not to stumble, but to be prepared when, and as, things are coming to pass which the Lord has spoken about in advance, and that we need not fear. (Is 44:8; Mt 24:25) This builds up our faith and trust in YHVH and in His word.  Faith in God’s Word also enables us to help others – and to remind one another – about what is taking place in the world today, and how it fits within God’s plan of redemption in accord with His covenants.
Gen 18:17-19  The Lord tells Abraham what He is going to do because He has chosen Him.
Jn 15:15  Yeshua/Jesus tells His disciples all that the Father has given Him to tell us.

Ex 6:5-8   God heard the groaning of the Israelis in bondage in Egypt, and He remembered His covenant to deliver them with great substance, to bring them back to the Promised Land, and that He would be their God as a people.

Ex 10:2   We are telling our children and grandchildren the mighty acts of our great and faithful God! (hear Gideon, about 300 years after the Exodus – Jud 6:13)

Traditional FoodsEx 12:8  Lamb; Unleavened Bread; Bitter Herbs
Explain the three matzot and the Afikomen:  death, burial, resurrection of the Son of the triune God, found to be alive by those who believe the report!

Yeshua came to His own people Israel to be the Lamb of God, who takes away their sin and whose shed blood on the cross atones for all their sins.

Tomorrow (Sonday) is the day after today’s Sabbath, and is the day of First-fruits, which comes during the Passover/Unleavened Bread week-long celebration and remembrance.
Lev 23:9-11,14

Jesus, the “afikomen”, was broken, buried with our sins, and found alive when He rose from among the dead on the first day of the new week, the day after the Sabbath, and the third day from His crucifixion. He is the firstfruits from among the dead!
Lk 24:1-8   Jesus had told the disciples what would happen; they needed reminding to remember
1Cor 15:20-28  The Holy Spirit is telling us through Paul what the order of God’s redemptive goal is in connection with the resurrection of believers in Jesus as Messiah and Lord.

Again, God is telling us by His Spirit through His Word what He is doing regarding His plan of redemption.
Rom 8:18-25   With groaning hope we eagerly wait with perseverance our own resurrection and redemption of our bodies.
Tit 2:11-14   the blessed hope of the Lord’s return and our resurrection, being God’s holy people

The Exodus from Egypt delivered Israel from hard bondage in a kingdom of this world.  Every family had to have its slaughtered lamb – or else share with another family — and its blood sprinkled on the doorposts in order to be saved.  They were delivered to worship their God and Redeemer, and to live in the land which He had promised with an oath to their fathers.

The Exodus from this world delivers each believer — in Yeshua/Jesus, the Lamb of God, and His blood — from bondage to sin and death.  Just as YHVH God covenanted with Abraham and Israel to have them be His people and He be their God, so, too, in Messiah we have been redeemed by the precious blood of the New Covenant that all believers – Jewish and Gentile – would be purified, holy, and blameless to be His people for glory, and to live forever with Him in the final destiny of the New Heavens and New Earth, in the New Jerusalem!

Meanwhile, in the Present
Jer 16:10-15   Because of Israel’s sin against the LORD and His covenant, they were exiled from the promised land.  Because of God’s faithfulness to Himself to His promises to the Fathers, by grace He is gathering back His scattered people to the land from all around the world:  a greater Passover than the mighty act and wonders He did to bring them out of Egypt!

Mt 28:18-20   the Great Commission to tell others and make known the name of the true Redeemer:  Jesus Christ, the Son of God; and to make them disciples of the Lord

The Future
Ezek 45:21-24   the Passover celebrated by the Israel of God for the next 1000 years after Messiah returns to reestablish God’s Kingdom over Israel and all of the nations

Remembrance of Things Past, That Now Are, and That Are To Come
1Cor 11:26   Lord’s Supper:  we remember Jesus, and His death until He comes:  He is risen!

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!


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