New Week greetings,

As the Jewish New Year approaches next week, it is good to remember that Biblically, it is actually the beginning of the seventh month given by God to Israel, and is actually called a Memorial of the Blowing/Shout of Trumpets (see Lev 23).  It is His redemptive calendar within His comprehensive year.  We who have been born-again and are now seated with Yeshua in heavenly places are given a view of the whole of what YHVH is doing within time, which still has another 1000 years or so (see Is 65:17-25 in light of Rev 20.  Isaiah is referring to a ‘born-again/regenerated’  perfectly “very good” new heavens and new earth, a ‘new creation’, just as we are now; and in both there is still sin and death.  John’s view of the New Heavens and New Earth is the eternal one following the final judgment, and there is no more sin with its consequences in that “perfect” which is to come (1Cor 13:10).)

Being the 7th month of redemption, God is finishing up His work, not beginning it.  The appointed times/holy days of this Hebrew month are collectively called the Celebration of Ingathering the harvest (Ex23:16; 34:22), especially as related to the redemption and salvation of Israel and the Jewish people, and through Messiah Jesus, that of other nations and Gentiles.  Trumpets begin to regather the people; seeing Yeshua whom we/they have pierced is the day of salvation for ‘all Israel’ (the full remnant from all the tribes), and judgment of the Lord’s enemies, both within and without; and Booths/Tabernacles is the presence of the Lord literally dwelling amongst His forgiven and cleansed people Israel during the Kingdom of God on Earth.  May He come speedily in our generation:  Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!

Tuning the ears for the sound of the right trumpet sound. . . .


Pentecost Sunday — the day after the seventh Sabbath following the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ — begins tomorrow in the morning light of day.  The life of believers in Yeshua as Messiah and Lord is a miracle of new spiritual birth, based upon the faith in the truth of the miracle that He rose from the dead. 

A miracle is what only God can do.  He may act providentially as He oversees the affairs of His creation, but when He intervenes to further His purposes He does so in a way that it is clear that He did it.  Those who oppose the one true God will always seek to find some natural explanation, but when the facts are looked at in detail, it becomes evident that a miracle occurred that only God could have accomplished.  The glory is His, not any created thing.

Shavuot/Weeks – Pentecost/50 Days marks the birthday of the Body of Christ, the Church.  On that day more than 2000 years ago, 120 Jewish Israeli disciples of the Messiah whom God brought through the Jewish people and first sent to them received the gift of the Holy Spirit:  the miracle of new birth, when God comes into repentant sinners who have placed their hope in Jesus and makes us a new creation.  From our human and creature limitations, the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth is a miracle; so, too, is the redemptive New Creation.  For God, it is ‘normal’; it is His glory being revealed and displayed.

God is still “commanding all people everywhere to repent.  For He has set a day when He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man He has appointed.  He has given proof of this to all men by raising Him from the dead”.  This good news has not changed; it is as relevant today as then.  Let us fear God and worship Him only.


The distinctiveness of Israel, even of its 12 tribes  — 12 loaves of the showbread [Bread of the Faces/Presence] (Ex 25:30; Lev 24:5-9) —amongst the nations remains valid all the way through to the end of the coming millennial kingdom.  The last nine chapters of Ezekiel make this abundantly clear, as does chapter 7 of Revelation (not to mention the names of the gates of the New Jerusalem being the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel).  God knows how to keep track of this somehow (reverently speaking, of course!).  Only priests could enter inside the Holy Place:  the priests were in Israel but not of Israel.  The showbread presented the face(s) of all God’s people represented in the whole House of Israel, the twelve tribes, and only the priests partook of the leavened loaves of the bread of God (Lev 21:6), as they represented all the Children of Israel to God, and were God’s mediators to the people.  God looked upon His people through the lens of the ultimate sacrifice by fire of His Son for them to dwell forever in His presence. Continue reading “LIVING BREAD OF REDEMPTIVE PROGRESS”