“Chairman of the Keshev Committee, Yohanan Plesner, tasked with creating recommendations to replace the Tal Law, presented the findings of his now-disbanded committee Wednesday morning, which included a goal of 80 percent haredi participation in military and civilian service within four years and the imposition of personal sanctions on those who do not serve.The report recommends applying a principle of “service for all,” which would apply to the ultra-Orthodox haredi population and later to the Israeli-Arab population.” ( Jerusalem Post, July 4, 2012)
Israel is a limited¬† democracy, meaning that rule by the people is not available to all, nor does the majority always control political decisions which determine the well-being of the whole of its society.¬† This is okay.¬† As believers in Yeshua/Jesus, such a situation does not always ‘help’ us, but it does help us keep our trust and hope in God and not in man.

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