Holocaust Past and Future – 27 Apr 2014

Remember, lest we forget.  This “creed” underlies much of Jewish and Christian culture.  All of the LORD’s holidays are to remember His mighty acts of redemption, based on bringing His people out of Egypt.  Believers in Jesus, in fellowshipping in the Lord’s Supper, do so to remember Yeshua and what He did in and through His death on the cross; and we are to do so until He comes again.  God has given us these times of remembrance together so that we might not forget, and to be strengthened in our bond as His family and people.

Tonight, Israel — especially the Jewish people within her — began the annual Holocaust Remembrance/Memorial Day, till now the most devastating blow of destruction to hit the Jewish people.  I say “till now”, because it seems to me that there is a greater ‘Shoah’ still to come.  It could be said that the Inquisition was Sephardic Jewry’s trouble, and that the Holocaust Ashkenazi Jewry’s trouble.  Both of these occurred on European soil.  But the Scriptures speak of an unparalleled “Jacob’s Trouble” — great tribulation — to come “in the land” — the whole House of Jacob/Israel — out of which Israel will be saved. (Jer 30:7; Dan 12:1, Zec 13:7-9; Mt 24:4-31; Rev 7:14)

It is important to keep the Holocaust’s remembrance, especially at a time when many deny it, minimize it, relativize it.  There are still living eye-witnesses and their family members who know it was true and horrible.  These eye-witnesses are both among the victims and among the perpetrators.  Yet there are those who are given a loud voice to say otherwise.  Is this really any different than those who were strident in denying the real death and resurrection of the Lord Messiah, even while eye-witnesses were still around?! (Mt 27:62 – 28:15; 2Pt 1:12-18)  As Israel puts their hope in the ability of the nation to defend itself, the God of Israel is at work to bring His people to repentance and faith in His Son, who is truly the Keeper of Israel.

The sacrifice of Yeshua is described in Greek as a holocaust — a whole-burnt offering.  While the unwilling catastrophic destruction on the part of the  Jewish people has led to the partial prophetic restoration of the modern homeland for the Jewish people back in their land, the willing sacrificial “slaughter” of the Lamb of God leads to salvation and eternal life in God’s Kingdom for all who believe.


This evening in Israel marks the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The Holocaust of the Jewish people, in particular, by the Nazi regime during WWII is unique in its scale and impact.  There is really no other effort at genocide that compares historically.

Holocaust is a Greek word meaning “whole-burnt offering by fire”.  This is a term for one of the sacrifices offered unto YHVH God by Israel under the Law of Moses.  It is also the word used to describe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah in His crucifixion.

The sacrifice of approximately 6,000,000 Jews — unwilling though it was on their part — was the catalyst to move the principalities and authorities of the world to grant the Jewish people a sovereign homeland in Palestine/The State of Israel by a large majority in the United Nations in November 1947 — 30 years after the Balfour Declaration proclaimed by the British Government during WWI. Continue reading “HOLOCAUST AND DELIGITIMIZATION – 1 May 2011”


Is 5:11-16,21-24  Israel does not regard the activity of YHVH or the works of His hands.  God’s people in captivity [physical and spiritual] because of lack of knowledge.  YHVH of Hosts will be exalted in judgment, hallowed in  righteousness.  God’s people have rejected Law of YHVH of Hosts and despised the Word of the Holy One of Israel.

Tomorrow night begins Holocaust Remembrance Day, the remembrance of the worst calamity upon the Jewish people/the children of Jacob in our history.  The subject of the Holocaust always brings with it many questions:  Where was God, whom Jews and Christians rightly claim is everywhere, all-powerful, and all-knowing?    Why did our God not intervene to stop or even prevent such unspeakable horror and sufferings and acts of wickedness?    If Messiah has come, as Christians say, and He has not forsaken His covenanted people, how could so many – including children, nursing mothers, religious Jews – be killed?    How could this happen in a “Christian” nation: Germany?    What kind of God is this who could see and allow such a thing?    Answers are not so easily offered. Continue reading “THE HOLOCAUST AND KNOWING GOD – 17 Apr 2004”

The Holocaust and the Salvation of Israel: “Be Reconciled to YHVH GOD”

Lev. 26: 40-45   Israel and Jewish people confessing personal and historic collective guilt for breaking YHVH’s covenants

There is a biblical principle whereby God holds the heads of a people accountable for the blessing or punishment of the people.  We see this with Pharaoh and the Egyptians with respect to the children of Israel at the time of the Passover and Exodus from Egypt.  We see it again with King David and his census of Israel, bringing the LORD’s judgment upon the people and the near destruction of Jerusalem (2Sam. 24). 

The rulers of the people — whether kings or priests — represent the people before God, and by their example of faith and obedience — or the contrary — the nation is led.  Today, does not a nation of people go to war or make peace based upon the determinations of their leader(s)?  Are not nations judged in the eyes of others by their thoughts regarding the heads of government or of the religious authorities?  Do not Jews today insist that Germans living today confess their nation’s and their parents’ guilt for the Holocaust — that Germans and Germany are primarily responsible and guilty because of their evil leader who governed and represented them?; or to put it another way, in Hitler, the Germans living today — whether or not they were personally and directly involved — are reckoned as guilty and defiled by the Jewish people, even more than are Austrians and Poles who also bear their own iniquity.  Continue reading “The Holocaust and the Salvation of Israel: “Be Reconciled to YHVH GOD””