Is Hebrew The Mother of All Languages?

There was once one language spoken by people, the language spoken by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  This one language continued to be the only language until God judged humanity at the Tower of Babel, and confused the languages.  Is there a common root to them all, back to Eden?  Biblical Hebrew is the language which YHVH God used to make Himself known through the Old Testament.

HEBREW — The Primary Language of Jesus in Israel in His Day – 2 June 2014

Why Jesus was a Hebrew-speaker

Hebrew, and not only Aramaic, was a spoken language at the time of Jesus, but PM Netanyahu’s exchange with the pope wasn’t only academic: It’s a debate with a clear religious and cultural subtext.

By Randall Buth | Jun. 2, 2014 | 10:28 AM  (HAARETZ)

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QUESTIONS – 4 Sep 2011

Is the Bible — the Old and the New Testaments — true, or is the Koran?

Is the God of Israel the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth — of the Universe?

Is YHVH (YEHOVAH or YAHWEH) the name of the one true God, or is some other god with another name?

Is the true God a Father with a Son and a people (other children)?  Or is the true God not a father and childless?

Was Abraham a Muslim prophet who served the god of Islam?  Or was Abraham a Hebrew, who worshiped YHVH, the Everlasting God Almighty?

Did Abraham take Isaac, his covenant son, to offer him a sacrifice to YHVH, who intervened to prevent it?  Or did Abraham take Ishmael to offer as a sacrifice?

Is Yeshua/Jesus the Son of God, or merely a prophet?

Did Jesus/Yeshua die for our sins on the cross, or did He not?

Did Jesus rise from among the dead, or did He not?

Did the God of the Bible, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, covenant with an oath to give the descendants of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel a specific land for an inheritance, within the whole of the nations with boundaries which He has determined?

Is the Lord Jesus Christ coming again physically to establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth for 1000 years?

Who is your God?  Are you saved?