1:2-4 (Ps 11:3; Heb 7:18-19)   no justice; more oppression by wicked over the righteous; the Law is powerless

1:5-11   a ruthless people (the Babylonians) will be used by God to punish His own people for their sin
      –Is this similar to Muslim terrorism today against Israel and the Christian West?
      –It is similar to the beast’s (antichrist’s) end-times invasion of Israel.

1:13-17   Habakkuk asks why God keeps silent in the face of so much wickedness against the righteous; it seems to only encourage the wicked to strengthen and to worship the works of his hands.

2:2-3   The Babylonians (symbolizing the enemy) will be judged at the appointed time at the end.  It is certain!

2:4   Meanwhile, the just shall live by his faith.

2:14 (Ps 72:19)   The Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of YHVH as the waters cover the sea.

3:1-2 (Ps 77:8-10 [7-9 Eng])   prayer acknowledging the greatness of God, and for Him to act in our own day,  remembering mercy in His execution of wrath
      –During the Great Tribulation God will still be showing mercy to save, and in His wrath He knows how to preserve His own. (2Pt 2:7-9)

3:16 (Rev 1:9; 13:10; 14:12)   The prophet will wait patiently for God to judge the wicked nation.

3:17-19   The saint and prophet exercises His absolute faith and trust in God his Savior, despite all that seems contrary.
      –This is to be our hope, too, and with the help of the Holy Spirit in us, during the coming Tribulation period leading to God’s wrath poured out on His and His people’s enemies.   

AMOS (760 BC)

1:11 (Gen 27:41; Ezek 25:12-14; Obad 14; Ps 83:6-7 [5-6 Eng])   Esau’s rage and anger against his brother Jacob/Israel bring YHVH God’s near- and long-term judgments.  We see the same spirit at work today amongst Muslims and Palestinians.

2:4-5   YHVH God will judge Judah (the Jewish people) because they have rejected the law of YHVH and have not kept His statutes, but have followed the lies of their fathers.

2:6-16   On that day, YHVH God will judge Israel for all her unrighteousness, uncleanness, unfaithfulness.

3:1-2 (Dt 31:27; Gal 4:9; Lk 12:48; Rom 2:8-11)   The whole family of Israel to be specially punished by YHVH because she is His specially chosen family whom he has known.

3:7-8   YHVH reveals what He is doing to His servants, the prophets; He has spoken!  Who can but prophesy?!

4:6,8-11   Israel’s stubbornness; despite famine, drought, pestilence, plague, judgments, yet Israel has not returned to YHVH God of Hosts

5:4-6   Seek Me, says YHVH, and live!

5:14-15   Seek good, not evil, that you may live; hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts

5:18-24 (8:20-21; Mt 27:45)   Woe to you who long for the Day of YHVH!
      –Can the time of Yeshua on the cross – bearing the sin of the world and our sins – be understood as the paradigm for the Day of YHVH?
         –judgment against sinners
         –justification for all who believe in hope of God’s mercy

9:11-12   restoration of David’s fallen tabernacle
      –government of God through King after His own heart
      –inclusion of Israelis and gentiles

9:13-15   future millennial blessings