The Faithfulness of God to Beer Sheva, the City of the Fathers

  • Good and hopeful beginnings
  • Troublesome present
  • Glorious future

ISRAEL:  The People and The Land

Gen. 50:24  — Israel promised the Land of Canaan by the Word of – and on oath from-  YHVH God

Rom. 9:4-5  —  To Israel belong the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the Law, and the service of God, and the promises; whose are the fathers, and of whom concerning the flesh Messiah (Christ) came.

Is. 42:6; 49:6  —  Israel to be a light to the nations through the Light

Is. 41:8-9  —  Israel to be the servant of the LORD through the Servant

Deut. 28:13  — Israel to be the head, and not the tail, of the nations

Mal. 4:6  (3:24 Heb.)  —  the land blessed only through obedience and faith of its people (the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)

Lk. 1:67-75;  Acts 3:13-26  —  the fullness of blessing only through repentance and faith in God’s appointed and anointed authority:  the throne of David and the rightful heir, the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah)

2Kings 22:13; Amos 2:4; John 7:1; 11:7-8  —  Judah (Judea), in which portion lies Beer Sheva (as Simeon’s portion was absorbed by Judah’s) is hardened to the Word of the Lord

Jer. 3:8; Rom. 10:2-3  —  Pride of Judah heightened through self-righteousness as being the visible remnant after the division and subsequent exile of the northern kingdom

Acts 7:51  —  Israel/Jews have always resisted the Holy Spirit of  God

Jer. 9:22-23  —  Boasting in wisdom, might, and wealth, rather than in understanding and knowing YEHOVAH and His truth, love, holiness

Deut. 7:6-8; Jer. 3:18; Dan. 11:29-45  —  The chosen Land and People of God, therefore embattled

Lev. 26:30-35; Rom. 11  —  in physical and/or spiritual exile, due to not sanctifying God’s provision of the Sabbath rest, through idolatry and rejection of– and consequent apostacy against and blasphemy of– the true God and His Son:  all resultant from unbelief, unrepentance (stubborn and stiff-necked; hardness of heart), tending towards dishonor, disobedience, rebellion

Hos. 4:12  — Israel full of spirit of harlotries (unfaithfulness, immorality, uncleanness)

Hos. 4:6; Ezek. 36:20-23; Mal. 1:10-14; 2:11;  1John 2:22; 2John 7  —  prevailing lying spirit (Jesus not the Messiah in Judaism) and antichrist spirit (denial of the Father and the Son in Islam, and also in Judaism concerning the specific truth of Messiah in Jesus):  hence the Name of the Lord is profaned and made a reproach through  misrepresentation (betrayal in some degree) and through false religion and worship done in God’s name.

Rom. 11:11-32  —  “Replacement theology” is prevalent among all three major religions, promoting pride and self – whether individually, nationally, religious affiliation – rather than humility and thankfulness  for the sovereign grace, mercy, wisdom, and faithfulness of God.  The LORD our God is one LORD, and He is the Creator and the Savior through (in) the Man Christ Jesus.

Matt. 25:3; Rev. 3:1, 15-17  —  nominal Christianity:  dismissing or de-emphasizing of new birth by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit; of Jesus being the Messiah, the unique and only-begotten Son of God; of theKingdom ofGod literally being fulfilled on the earth by the return of the Lord Jesus

JERUSALEM  (“inheritor of peace”)

Deut. 12:21; Ps. 76:3; Zech. 12:2-3; Matt. 4:8-10  —  the chosen city for theTemple and Throne of God on Earth, and so embattled for the rule over the world (either satanically or divinely)

Ps. 48:2; 122:6-8; Is. 62:1-7; Jer. 33:16  —  to be the city of peace and of righteousness:  the city of the great King

1Kings 11:13  —  represents allIsrael as seat of power and authority:  capital ofIsrael and of the Earth

Rev. 11:8  —  presently has spirit ofSodom andEgypt (immorality, pride, bondage to lust and sin, enmity against YEHOVAH God and His people)

Matt. 5:12; 23:37; Lk. 13:34; Rev. 11:8  —  city which kills the prophets and crucified the Lord

1Chron. 11:4; Lk. 21:24  —  a Jebusite city in origin and spirit;Jerusalem is trodden down (in order to reveal and establish God’s foundation) until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled

Ps. 122:6-8  —  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that Beer Sheva will have her peace, too.


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