This Sonday marks the 50th day and seven full weeks from this year’s counting of the sheaves and days from the day-after-the-Sabbath first-fruits resurrection from the dead of the Messiah and Lord Yeshua  during Passover/Unleavened Bread week. 

Shavuot/Pentecost reminds us to rejoice because God saved His chosen covenant people Israel from slavery in Egypt, and saved all believers in Jesus from the sin of the world and in us.  According to the New Covenant, God has given us the first-fruits of the Holy Spirit, and we are the first-fruits of the harvest to come at the end of the age.  We wait with living hope and patience for that final harvest of fruit to come at the return of the Lord and the redemption of our bodies in the first resurrection and rapture.

We are Yeshua’s inheritance, and He is ours! Let us lay hold of this in our faith, hope, and love, and in our identity. 


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