We have been speaking lately of the importance of our prayers and actions being for the sake of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  We saw how Phineas acted with his zeal and with God’s to stand in the gap for the glory of the Lord in the midst of Israel.  We saw, too, how God is collecting the prayers of the saints over the centuries:  prayers which cry out for God to judge and avenge His people for the unrighteous deeds done against them because they have believed and trusted in YHVH.  

Today let’s look together at another aspect of prayer and action for the sake of God’s Kingdom and His righteousness:  

Rom 15:25-33   striving together for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the love of the Spirit, so that the giving of donations from believers to the poor believers will be in – and result in – the peace of God  

Gal 2:9-10   of primary importance to remember the poor (not necessarily building projects, whether personal or congregational.  This is a major precept throughout the whole of the Bible.  

2Cor 8:1-7   sacrificial giving – a living sacrifice – for the sake of the Lord and of the brethren   

1Tim 5:3-16   take care of those who are really widows

We are one body working together for the building up of the church in love, in accord with what the Holy Spirit teaches us through the Scriptures.  Many of us here are “poor” in the estimation of the world, but we are truly rich in Messiah which the unbeliever knows nothing about.  But being in the world, we are dependent upon the mercy and grace of God and of our brothers and sisters in the faith, while, at the same time, we are to do all we can not to be a burden to the congregation.  Each of us can examine himself in this matter; as the Lord Jesus has said, “It is better to give than to receive”.  May we learn to give sacrificially, trusting in God for His provision, for the sake of the Lord and of our brethren.

Strive together in prayer that those who have the responsibility to know needs and to disperse donations will have the love and the wisdom from God to do so righteously.

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