We have begun to look at the mysteries of the faith which we have received and believed:  that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

We first looked at what we can not know at this time:
–the day and hour of the return of the Lord
–the judgment and ways of God, e.g., why do some suffer much; why some die early, and some late
–what the seven thunders uttered that John heard
–what is actually going on with those who have died

Then we considered the mystery that is Israel and the partial blindness that she now has until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in to the household of faith.

Then we looked at the great importance of the fear of YHVH in order to truly know God and to grow to full maturity.  The fear of the LORD is vital for a godly life with true knowledge of the things of God, beginning with His secret and His [new] covenant, all connected with Jesus. 

Now we want to examine something of this mystery that is the very gospel by which we have been saved through faith.  And the New Testament has numerous exhortations and warnings for us, in the fear of God, to remain in this faith by which we stand by grace:  JESUS CHRIST – SON OF GOD, SON OF MAN, GOD WHO IS COME IN THE FLESH – WAS CRUCIFIED FOR OUR SINS AND ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY!

Although there were clues in the Bible, this gospel was a mystery not known before by either Jews or Gentiles.  Some of those clues which the prophets of God gave us through the Scriptures are:
Gen 3:15  the Seed of the woman will defeat the seed of the serpent:  Good will triumph over evil
Gen 12:3  in Abram all the families of the Earth shall be blessed — both Jews and Gentiles
Is 53     The God of Israel has given a Savior to provide forgiveness of our sins through His death BECAUSE this same Man rose from the dead 

Neither Jewish people nor Gentiles – no man or category of mankind – conceived the gospel.  Jewish thinking does not accept the idea that their “one God” is actually a tri-unity (1x1x1=1).  Gentile thinking accepted many gods, but not one supreme God who is personal and holy.  Neither religious people nor philosophers imagined that the God they thought they knew could or would come in such a way as Jesus did, and die such a death as He did on the cross – all to demonstrate the love and the righteousness of the true God – for sinners!  We preach Christ crucified, and the cross has become for us a thing by which we glorify our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let’s go through some key verses concerning the mystery of the gospel:
1Cor 4:1   servants of Messiah and stewards of the mysteries of God
1Tim 3:9  holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience
Rom 1:1-6 (16:25-27)   a mystery kept hidden since before the world, promised through God’s prophets in the Holy  Scriptures, and to make the name of Jesus Christ known to all nations for obedience to the faith
1Cor 2:7-12   speaking the wisdom of God in a mystery hidden by God since before the ages for our glory, which had  the rulers of this age known, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory


Eph 3:3-9   mystery of Christ not known in other ages, but now made known:  both Gentiles and Jews equal and fellow heirs in Messiah

This is what the Apostles understood from the Holy Spirit when they had their council in Jerusalem after the gospel was going out to the gentiles through Peter and Paul (Acts 15:16-17).

Gal 1:11-13   the gospel not from man, but the revelation of Jesus Christ

Eph 6:19   the need for boldness to preach the gospel:  Christ crucified, and equality of Jewish and Gentile believers

Col 4:3   desire for open door to speak the mystery of Messiah/Christ

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