(Delivered at Israel Conf.:  “Eschatological Convictions”,  Langensteinbacherhohe, Karlsruhe, Germany, 20-25 Nov 2007)

The Church, Israel, and Islam
Gen 4:4Abel:  the righteousness which offers an acceptable sacrifice through faith
Gen 4:10–his blood cries out for justice
Heb 12:24–Yeshua’s blood speaks better things – forgiveness and salvation
Mt 18:21-22–Christians commanded to forgive 70×7 times per day 

Gen 4:3-9Cain:  out of envy, murders his innocent brother and refuses YHVH’s way back to God
Gen 4:10-14–unwilling and unable to carry the chastening and punishment for his guilt
4:15–the gracious and compassionate true God who desires that sinners come to repentance promises to protect Cain and to avenge his blood – should anyone kill him – seven times
4:16-17–Cain goes out in his own way to prove his capabilities and his own sense of worth and     righteousness, without accepting God’s favor upon his brother

Gen 4:19-24Lamech:  arrogant self-righteousness
–takes for himself multiple wives
–knowing the truth about Cain and Abel and YHVH – claiming for himself the justification of killing a     young man for injuring him, and daring anyone from acting justly against him by threatening     vengeance 77 times
Ex 5:2; Ps 83:16-18–Who is YHVH, that I should fear and obey Him?

Gen 27:41Esau:  wants to kill his brother Jacob, out of envy and a bitter root and take back the    inheritance, which he despised

1Jn 2:22–Judaism rejects Yeshua as Messiah and as the Son of God (with all that that implies).
1Jn 2:22–Islam denies God as Father and therefore as having any Son or children.  (Could it be that   Lamech killed one of his own sons?)
–Jews and Christians carry much responsibility for the strength of Islam:  we are His witnesses!
–unbelief in the Bible as the Word of God
–unbelief in YHVH as the only true God, excluding all others
–unbelief in the truth of Messiah as being only in Jesus (anointed Prophet, High Priest, King of kings)
–unbelief in salvation by any other way other than God’s grace through the sacrifice of His Son

Lamech   Gen 4:19-24   spirit of vengeance and self-importance

Amalek   Num 24:20; Dt 25:17-19   a strong nation and spirit that preys on the tired and weary people of
YHVH God; once first among the nations, but will be last till he perishes
–a descendant of Esau, one of the two nations, two peoples — and being referred to as the                   stronger one — in Rebecca’s womb.

‘Yeshu’    Talmudic acronym curse against Yeshua, meaning, “may His name and memory be blotted out”

Intifada   Gen 27:40; Ps 83:2-4 (Eng)   uprising to overthrow the yoke;  ‘let us cut off the name of Israel      from being a nation anymore’
in last days, this began to come to the surface following the Balfour Declaration in 1917
Ps 83:5-8 (Eng)–Islamic nations today

Yad L’Achim   motivated by Dt 13; Mt 26:59-66   false prophet and blasphemer deserving of death, and
also to those who follow after him or who try to get others to follow after him to worship other gods; ‘Yeshu’

What, then, do we and the world have to look forward to, given that everyone – YHVH, Edomites, Jews, Muslims – has declared their intention to blot out the name and memory of their enemy and/or their fellow man?:

Mt 24:21-25   For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the    world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved.  But for the elect’s sake, those days will be shortened. . . .See, I (Yeshua) have told you    beforehand.

We are commissioned with taking the gospel to all peoples, and we have also been called to share/fellowship in the sufferings of Messiah in the power of His resurrection.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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