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Shalom Howard,

You will find a rewritten Chapter Six in the online document:  ‘A Created Earth/Moon/Sun System’ (sorry about that). The new chapter corrects mistakes and contains some new information extracted from the Bible Book of Haggai.

In addition, you will find a rewrite of the document:  ‘A Created Solar System’.  Essentially, the rewrite of
this document probably does not include much new information other than making a better presentation.

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Thanks.  In fact I was just reading the Created Earth… document down through chap. 4, so I will be able to keep on after doing another download.  No problem.

The idea of a special creation for this (our) solar system is “casually” mentioned in the Genesis account of the 4th day of [the general] creation.  It is similar to Israel’s being created as a special people unto YHVH God in a distinct, designed, and purposeful manner by the Creator within the general creation of human beings.  It does not require an interpretation of some former, destroyed universe.

Don’t ignore the implications of your findings regarding the reality – and the necessity – of a redemption and a Redeemer.  The number 7 explains this creation, but 8 ( the interval and intermission days, etc.) ‘explains’ the resurrection and the new creation.


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