(Prayer Networking Conference/European-African Reconciliation Process, Harare, Zimbabwe, Sept 2, 2006)

–I come as a debtor, and enter into the labor of many others
  –to gentiles through whom God has done so much to bless me and my people in life
  –to Black Africans who were slaves in Virginia, and whose descendants have served my family till today
  –to Langton, who invited me here
  –to the teaching and ministry I have received here

–I can not apologize for being born Jewish – one of the Chosen People and also a Christ-killer – or for being White or American, but I do ask you to ask God’s power and grace to forgive us for Jesus’ sake of  how we have made you all feel less than equal on all those accounts.  I will be judged more severely than you for having been given so much at birth.

–I also ask your forgiveness of me and my people Israel – even that the Holy Spirit help you guard your heart against envy that Israel and the Jewish people receive so much aid and reparations.  We have not given honor to the name of our God and make it hard for you, whom God has brought into the Commonwealth of Israel, when our nation acts in such unrighteous ways.

–Israel is God’s first-born amongst the nations.  YHVH is a Father to Israel as well as the only one who truly loves her.  When you truly love the Jews, you can be sure it is of God!  It is not sentimental nor a mere human effort to repay a guilty conscience.
  –God is wooing Israel back to Himself through severe chastening and punishment from a loving Father and a jealous Husband who still loves His unfaithful wife.
  –As the gospel goes out and gentiles are saved – including ethnic groups – apart from its own value to show God’s love for all persons and nations, it is also intended to provoke Israel to jealousy while at the same time being merciful.  The Lord will even bring all nations against Jerusalem towards her salvation!

–Israel as a NATION gives significance to all other nations
  –In Adam all have sinned, yet God’s plan of redemption to save human beings is available to all through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  –Israel the nation is made up of many children of Adam and Eve, and has sinned.  Europe has sinned; Africa has sinned.  The same God, who changes not, has the same plan of salvation to save a nation.
    –not every Jew/Israeli or every Zimbabwean
    –each nation has its own particular calling and destiny in God’s purposes
    –Israel is unique amongst the nations even as Jesus is amongst the sons of Adam or the sons of God.
      –politically speaking, Israel has a King in waiting who is presently rejected and despised

–You Gentile Christians are God’s instrument to provoke Israel to jealousy
  –through the gospel
  –not through distant support only, which will be severely tested in close encounters with Jews and Israelis
  –love for Messiah’s sake

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