Covenant History:  Past, Present, Future

–the first covenant between the chosen of God with those outside His covenant was between Abraham  and the Philistine king, Avimelech (Gen 21:27).  BEER SHEVA was named by Abraham on the basis of that agreement, which has held up remarkably well through the centuries in which Jews have lived there.    Isaac also made (confirmed) the same covenant with Avimelech, and the name of the city as Beer Sheva.

Hagar and Ishmael were blessed, encouraged, given a future and a hope by YHVH God in Beer Sheva   (Gen 21:15-21).  Like Hagar his mother, Ishmael’s wife was Egyptian.

–Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beer Sheva and called on the name of YHVH, the Everlasting God   (Gen 21:33).

–Abraham returned to Beer Sheva after enacting the faith he had in the Word of YHVH, God Most High, when he demonstrated his willing to sacrifice his unique son, Isaac, in Jerusalem.         (These last two points are simple weapons of truth for us against the lies and deception of Islam.)

–Isaac built an altar to YHVH in Beer Sheva.  Jacob worshipped at that altar on his way toEgypt.

–Beer Sheva is called the City of the Fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all lived there.

–Israelis referred to as being ‘from Dan to Beer Sheva’ (Eilat is not actually within the borders).

–Israel asked for a king like the gentiles, rejecting YHVH God as being their King.  Yeshua came to restore the Kingdom of God to Israel, and to the rest of the world, which He made.

–Beer Sheva burned by the Assyrian king Sennacharib in 701 BC.  It was not rebuilt as a Jewish city   until 1948, when the re-established State of Israel captured it from the Egyptians.

–The breakthrough for the restoration of the Promised Land back to the Jewish people came on   31 Oct 1917 during WW1.  Gentiles from  the farthest ends of the Earth – the ANZACs with the British – defeated the Turks and the Ottoman Muslim Empire in Beer Sheva, paving the way for capturingJerusalemand for the plan to establish a Jewish homeland in theLandofIsrael(then called Palestine).

–The Sepharadim (descendants of Spanish-speaking Jews who were expelled fromSpain during the   Inquisition) are beginning to return to the Negev (southerndesertofIsrael, including Beer Sheva; Obadiah 20)

–The Tribe of Simeon will inherit his portion of the land, which includes Beer Sheva, during the Millennial reign of Yeshua (Ezek 47:13 – 48:29)

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