R’s and J’s WEDDING – 28 Apr 2010


–Present amongst extended family and friends in the Presence of God.  Even the moon is reflecting as much as it can of the glory of the sun shining upon it this evening!  But, R and J, the radiance shining out from each of you is even greater than that!  Glory to God!

–We are all gathered together here to celebrate a wedding between a man and a woman.  God has sanctified marriage in a way that many will give up much to celebrate with the Bride and Groom.  They do not do this for two people simply deciding to live together, or for a husband and wife who divorce from one another.  A lawful wedding between a man and woman, who have chosen to join themselves together in love, with joy and hope, is holy, and we who have come to know the God who has made weddings and marriage so special,  look forward to the wedding of Messiah with His Bride – all those who love Yeshua for who He truly is. 

–White – the symbol of purity and hope – is not a very popular color in our days.  This is a sad commentary on the faith and moral level of our generation.  What a lovely bride you are, R!  And you, J, as the groom!  You will both thank and praise God throughout the rest of your lives together that you have kept yourselves for each other.

–Those who wait with hope in the Lord are not disappointed.  Joey, you have had your heart and hope set  on this lovely lady for about six years, and have waited patiently and faithfully.  You asked permission from R’s parents to woo her, and we gave it to you to try, if it was from God.  Look and see all these here tonight who are happy with you that R, who also gave her heart to God, had a change of heart to make this night different from all other nights in your lives!

   For both of you, your experience in your walk with the Lord and with each other is a solid foundation for trusting the Holy Spirit to work in your lives for your good and to the honor of God.  As you love Yeshua above all, you will know that the fear of the Lord is key to your married life together.

–Marriage is a covenant relationship, where each gives 100% of what you have and who you are to each  other.  (God’s higher math is a bit different than ours!)

    –Complete trust in the faithfulness of the other, and commitment to each other which is never in doubt
    –Complementing and supplementing one another
    –Forgiving one another without keeping account – even without being asked!
    –Honoring each other when you are together, and when you are not!
    –J, you have the high and impossible calling to love your wife R even as Messiah loves the Church!
    –R, you are given by God to your husband J to humbly and wisely help him obey the Word of God.

–At your birth, R, your mother and I dedicated you (and your sister and brothers) to the glory of God.  Miracles still happen!  And you have grown up to know God as your Father in Heaven and to love His Son, the Lord Jesus.  Now, biblically, we are giving you to marry into J’s family, even as you both leave your parents’ households to build your own family and house.

–Tonight we celebrate your wedding:  a good start.  Work to make the marriage finish well, to bring even greater joy to yourselves, to your own children, family, and friends, and to our wonderful Creator and Redeemer!

–Until death do you part, or until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah!