Hello Howard,

Thanks for the facinating facts concerning your migration to Israel. We are extremely glad to have you in our correspondence, and hopefully, you can help resolve some questions that we currently have (concerning historical details, and other technical matters).

Thanks also for pointing out the difference in the scrolling title (between Netscape and Microsoft Browsers). (I don’t think this scrolling difference has an easy solution and we will probably have to leave it like it is).

As far as additional reasons for the current website, I would probably need to turn toward my religious training and background. Through the years I have become absolutely convinced that a Supernatural Realm really does exist. (This is more than a belief for I actually ‘know’ that God exists).

My past training stressed the importance of keeping God’s Laws as revealed in the Testament of Scriptures. Knowledge of the Law of God is a privilege, and it elevates those who keep the Law of God into closer physical contact and into an actual fellowship with a very real Kingdom of Heaven. This does not mean (as free moral agents) that men are required to keep God’s Commandments, but it does mean that we could choose to be recipients of unmeasurable benefits (by interfacing our physical lives with a creating

These social benefits extend well beyond the simple joy and happiness of the individual. (They reach to good physical health, personal liberty, and even to the acquisition – and proper distribution – of wealth). In the light of the how far modern society has already distanced itself from God’s Laws (especially concerning the Sabbath keeping) we can only sigh and cry and ask God for further mercy, forgiveness, and help.

Essentially, the constraints of modern society probably do not even prohibit us to completely obey God. I sometimes equate my personal situation with those poor Roman Centurions (written of within the Gospel records). Upon learning of a coming Kingdom of God (and of the necessity for compliance with the Laws of that Kingdom) these Roman soldiers (perhaps tearfully) asked, “What shall we do (!!!) ?”. Essentially, this class of humanity were in abject servitude to a foreign government. They, like we within modern society, were without the necessary personal freedom to completely obey God. As the children of Israel were physically trapped in the land of Egypt, so is the state of a great many individuals (who have become completely enslaved within a modern society foreign to God).

Essentially, as members of modern society, putting an end to the transgression of God’s Law seems to be all but impossible (but with God this can be made possible). If these facts were not grim enough, modern society seems to be increasingly distancing itself from a necessary contact with the Kingdom of God. Society has entered into an almost purely materialistic age… and it fosters an ever enlarging notion that God doesn’t even exist. Then, it seems that the provable existence of a special creation (as simply demonstrated at the website) might be important. Perhaps the information presented will provide some small leverage toward making essential changes to modern society. Hopefully, the effort will ultimately make a difference … (at least this is among some of the reasons for the website).

With Best Regards,
Jim Dwyer


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