Praying The Word of God


Sometimes we do not know what to pray for.  Sometimes we may be in a depression, and not feel like praying at all.  Praise God for His faithfulness!  The Holy Spirit helps us to pray (Rom 8:26-27); and Yeshua is sitting at the right hand of the Father, and is interceding for us who believe in Him. (Heb 7:23-25; Jn 17:9

We also have the Bible, God’s Word written to us, and them are many prayers, which we can also pray in our own context within God’s will and purpose.  I want to just bring a very few examples today of what prayers we may already be praying, and of some that we can begin to remember to pray.  Jesus said that if we pray with faith in His name and according to the will of the Father, our prayers will be answered. (Jn 14:13-14; 1Jn 5:14-15; Mt 18:19-20) If we need to forgive someone but do not want to, or if we know we are sinning but not dealing with it as sin, then our prayers will be hindered, and perhaps even “not listened to”.  If a husband is upset with his wife and has not dealt with it, his prayer-life will be hindered. (Ps 66:16-20; Mt 5:22-24; 6:14-15; 1Pt 3:7)  We can be sure that the prayers which the Holy Spirit has given to us as Scripture, or that the Lord Messiah Himself has prayed, will be answered.

Personal (but include other brothers and sisters) 

Ps 51:10-13 
Mt 6: 9-13 

For One Another (but include yourself)  

Jn 17: 15, 20-23
Col 1: 9-14
2Thes 3:1-5 

Corporately Public (with a prophetic perspective) 

Dan 9:3-19
Is 62:6-7
Ps 122: 6-9
Mt 24:20-21
Rev 22:18-21


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