Beer Sheva

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  1. Prayer for you today per Israel Prayer Watch c/o FCF:
    Abba Father, thank you for keeping Israel and for watching over your land and your people. Thank you for the signs in the heavens that prove your prophecies and point to events to come on your time clock for earth. May we be ready to do battle in spiritual realm and go to the courts of heaven for verdicts rendered for judgement by the Just Judge of the Universe!

    We thank you for inviting us to come boldly before the throne of Grace to receive grace in our hour of need. We lift up Howard & Randi Bass, their family, friends, ministry team and all those you have sent to Nachalat Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Be’er Sheva for help, health, and healing of spirit, soul, and body.

    We thank you for the way in which the teens and young adults have given themselves to serve in the absence of the two worship leaders. We thank you that this is a direct answer to our prayers of recent months. We declare that they are lifted higher in their relationship with Yeshua and the congregation as they have had this platform built under them for their futures. Hallalujah! Let them be truly blessed for releasing their gifts and offerings of praise at such a time as this.

    We thank you for more and suitable Shabbat School teachers for the children. We call forth those you have ordained and trained and given a passion from your heart for leading children in the ways they should go, so that when they are old they will not depart from them.

    We thank you that Howard, Randi, their ‘church’ family as leaders and congregants grow in love and unity as a testimony to others of who Yeshua is. We thank you for the presence of your son’s warrior bride in these days of many opportunities to show the difference Yeshua’s salvation and love makes. We thank you that your Ruach ha Kodesh rests upon all there with comfort and instruction so they demonstrate a different way to deal with the daily conflicts and temptations of the enemy.

    We thank you that people know they are followers of Yeshua by their love, even as the early church demonstrated that. Thank you for the communal sharing and helping and giving. Thank you that they have the bond of the Ruach and your Word to give them that foundation and ‘glue’ of all things in common.

    We declare that no weapon formed against them will prosper whether from the heart and mind of a person, or any attempted attack on people or property. Most of all we thank you for the WATER, and the recent rain and snow to nourish and replenish the earth for the planting and harvesting seasons to come. Thank you that as the desert blooms, we see your word of prophecy fulfilled and we then know that all your other promises are sure too!

    We offer this petition of praise, in Yeshua’s name. Amein.

    Howard and Randi: You are a good son and daughter. Adonai is well pleased with you. You rise up and take the land, even as Caleb declared, “I’ll take this mountain.” You walk through your land with his rod and his staff as they lead you and comfort you. You are not weary. You rise up on wings of eagles and your youth is renewed. You declare your allegiance to the Lamb and by his blood, the word of your testimony, you love not your lives unto death. Amein.

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