One New Man


I suppose one of the things that we too often fail to give due attention to is the one new man, which is actually what the household of faith in Christ/Messiah is, at least among those who are really born-again believers. It is not very easy to speak of these things, since it seems like most of the believers don’t consciously think of themselves in this way. But this distinguishes us from both Israel, and from the other nations from which we may have come.

The priesthood is separated unto the Lord in a way that the rest of their brethren are not, but to which the Lord calls them: to be a kingdom of priests, or a royal priesthood — each one having their own personal access to the Father, and each one representing Him to the others in the family — a collective holy people. The saints will be ruling with Yeshua/Jesus over Israel and the nations for 1000 years. After that, no need to rule over anyone — love will be perfected, and God will be all and in all, in the new heavens and new Earth. Praise the LORD! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

At least, so I presently understand these great and lofty things.