Hello James,

It would be interesting to know more about the Earth Answers group working with you.  By using Navigator as my browser, am I unable to view some things which you put on your web site?


1.  Have you developed a working computer model which can be viewed through the internet for the motions of the earth/sun/moon that shows way the time cycles converge?

2.  Lev.23:24 – Does the “one” of the seventh month referred to in this passage necessarily fall on the first day of the seventh lunar month?  If not, what range of days might it be, or does it even have to occur every calendar year?

3.  You used zero as the starting point when you wrote both that the first 1000-year day would equal the years 0 to 999, and that the Great Year 1 would have occurred beginning year zero (refer to your e-mail of 17.8.98).  There is no year 0.  We are in the custom of saying, for instance, that someone is one year old after celebrating his/her 1st birthday, which actually marks the completion of one year.  Biblically, once a thing begins it is in its first year and is reckoned as such, even if, for example, a king’s reign lasted for only part of a given year, he is usually considered to have ruled for x years.  The first decade would have been from year one through the tenth year.  The 20th century  actually began at the beginning of 1901, 1900 bringing to an end the tenth decade of the 18th century.  The Jubilee is celebrated in and during the 50th year. In Lev.25 YHVH instructs that the trumpet should sound on the 10th day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonements, which actually falls about mid-way between the first month of the year and the end of the year.

4.  The 120 years God gave to mankind before the flood may perhaps correspond to these last days in that the Jews officially began to return to the land of Israel (as promised by the LORD Himself) in 1880. God has made Israel a visible example of His dealings with mankind and with nations, both in giving honor and in showing His displeasure.  The humble confidence of the Christian is in God’s remaining faithful to all His covenant obligations to redeem and save sons of Adam who repent and put their trust in God through the anointed Prophet , High Priest, and King – Jesus – and to save “all Israel” ( the remnant which the prophets foretold), despite our history (which would have been the same history for any other people chosen to be God’s first-born).

Howard Bass


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