2:7-8 (Rev 2:1)   The priest is the messenger of YHVH of Hosts, and is reproved for false teaching of God’s Law and ways.
2:14-16 (Mk 10:2-12)   Marriage is given for the purpose of giving God children; God hates divorce as being betrayal to a covenant oath of fidelity.  (What is an infidel?)

3:1   The messenger (John the Baptizer) was sent to prepare the first coming of the Lord.
3:2 (Mt 3:11; Lk 21:26; Rev 6:17)   Who can stand when the Lord appears to purge and cleanse?!
3:3 (Ezek 44)   The Levites will be purified to offer sacrifices in righteousness unto YHVH, as in times past.
3:6-7 (Gen 28:15)   YHVH does not change, which ensures Jacob’s survival and inheritance; return to YHVH and He will return to you
3:16-18 (Mt 25:31-46; Rev 22:10-11)   Those who fear the LORD will speak with each other, and YHVH listens and hears.  He will write their names in a scroll of remembrance.  The distinction between the righteous and the wicked, those who serve God and those who do not will be manifest in that day.

3:19-20 [4:1-2 Eng]   The Day of YHVH is surely coming:  bad news for the arrogant and evil-doer; good news of healing for those who fear His Name.
3:22 [4:4 Eng](Lk 16:29-31)  Remember the Law of Moses (not the oral law!):  for Israel’s conviction of sin, and testimony of sacrifices for sin in God’s love and compassion, and the promise of one coming greater than Moses
3:23-24 [4:5-6 Eng](Mk 9:11-12; Lk 1:17; Jn 1:21; Rev 11:1-13)   Elijah coming before the second coming.  He will restore family and historic bonds of love amongst God’s people.  Israel, the land, and the Earth are under the curse until Israel’s national repentance.


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