Lawsuit Update – 3 Mar 2009


I think, David, that believers — especially supporters of God’s purposes regarding Israel — should simply be reminded that, as you have so much emphasized, your case in Ariel does not stand alone, but is part of a concerted effort to discredit and to frighten the local believers in Jesus from being open about the faith, and even from living in the land.  Our evangelical brothers and sisters need to stand with their Israeli brothers and sisters in any communications they may have with Jewish and Israeli officials and agencies.

I always put out this disclaimer when I send out updates of the case:

Please note:This case is not against Israel or against the Jewish people. It is not to be used in any way to foment or promote anti-Israel or anti-Jewish actions or reactions. It is already known through the Scriptures that Israel at present is opposed to the good news of God, so we are not out to make them an enemy. Nor is our legal action intended to be used by any other minority or religious groups in Israel to encourage or affirm anti-Israel/Jewish sentiment. For the sake of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, Israel and her people are beloved by God the Father for His honor and glory, and for the honor and glory of His Son.The trial of Nichalim BaNegev (Streams in the Negev) and Howard Bass against the Chief Sephardi Rabbi of Beer Sheva, Yehuda Der’i, and against the anti-missionary organization, Yad L’Achim (Hand to the Brothers), is scheduled for June 10 and 21, 2009, in Beer Sheva.  The case will be presided by Judge Iddo Rozin.  The defendants claim that they are not responsible for the damages and personal injuries caused by those who participated in their protest demonstration called together by them.  The police closed the files against the four persons ‘arrested’ that day, claiming “lack of public interest”.

The case stems from a “riot” (the description used by the police that day) by up to 500 Jewish men, women, and children on December 24, 2005, against the Nachalat Yeshua (Yeshua’s Inheritance) Messianic Congregation.

We need the prayers of the saints seeking the honor of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ here in Israel, and for the minds of the people — whether Jewish, Arab, or others — be open to hearing the gospel and believing it for salvation.  Our two lawyers, Marvin Kramer and Kevork Nalbandian, are both believers, and they need their skilled competence and the wisdom of God in their handling of the case.

In our particular court case, we know that the law of the State of Israel is on our side, but the spirit of the nation is against us.  We have the right to assemble together for worship, and did nothing illegal to bring the opposition, whereas they broke laws — both written and unwritten — in their attack that day.  This, by the way, was the second protest demonstration against us, the first being on November 28, 1998.  At that time, we took no legal action, accepting it as part of our faith in Yeshua here.  This second time, though, they crossed too many acceptable norms to ignore in our responsibility to protect the flock, and to uphold the integrity of existing laws in the country.

Thank-you, David, for your and Leah’s “face of God in Messiah” that you have presented to the Israeli and the general Christian public.  May the Lord continue to reward you and Ami, and the rest of your family with His favor and hope.

Your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus the Messiah,


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