Lawsuit Update – 1 May 2007



This update adds to the previous one the news that the court has given a date in October for the hearing, with much to do until then. We have agreed to go to mediation and await to hear if the Defendants will agree.

Bless you for standing with us,


This case is not against Israel or against the Jewish people. It is not to be used in any way to foment or promote anti-Israel or anti-Jewish actions or reactions. It is already known through the Scriptures that Israel at present is opposed to the good news of God, so we are not out to make them an enemy. Nor is our legal action intended to be used by any other minority or religious groups in Israel to encourage or affirm anti-Israel/Jewish sentiment. For the sake of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, Israel and her people are beloved by God the Father for His honor and glory, and for the honor and glory of His Son.


The following is submitted as an up-date for the benefit of the multitude who have inquired regarding the status of the lawsuit that was filed in the Magistrate’s Court of Beer Sheva against Rabbi Yehuda Deri (the Chief Rabbi of Beer Sheva) and “Yad L’Achim (R.A.)” for their involvement in the illegal and violent demonstration that took place on 24th December, 2005, and the violations to the rights to freedom of religion and freedom of religious expression and faith of the believers who gathered together at Congregation “Nahalat Yeshua” on that Shabbat.

Both defendants, through separate laws firms, have filed their Statements of Defense. While the particular allegations of each Defendant will not be gone into at length at this juncture, still, it can be stated: that an attempt is being made by the Defendants to turn an illegal, violent demonstration into an “open air prayer meeting”, which is claimed to be not against the law; that the Defendants assert that this lawsuit was filed in an effort to stop the “holy war” which the Defendants are directing against attempts to prevent baptising Jews to Christianity, against attempts to convert Jews and against attempts to persuade Jews to become Christians; when efforts are made to try to impose on Jews the ways of Christians and that Yeshua is the Messiah and Redeemer of Israel, then they (the Defendants) have the right to cause the public to have second thoughts about their actions. The Defendants further argue, among other things, that the purpose of the lawsuit is to establish a

situation where Jews can be baptized to Christianity without any opposition from the Rabbi of the City or from Yad L’Achim.

Please pray fervently for this lawsuit. Last week, we received a notice from the court, scheduling a pre-trial hearing between the attorneys and the parties in early October, and directing the completion of pre-trial procedures during the next month and a half, i.e., by the middle of June.

Once again, we ask that you pray: for the judges who will be involved in making the various decisions in the above case; that the truth will be made manifest; that justice will be rendered, and that the holy Name of our Lord Yeshua, and His only, will be exalted, sanctified and magnified.

With blessings,
Advocate Marvin S. Kramer
Advocate Kevork Nalbandian

P.S. We thank God for the support which has come in to help us defray the costs of this case. If any others believe that it is proper for us to go to court over such issues as these, and are willing to help financially, you can contact me for details. God bless you.


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