Germany and Austria have banned religious circumcisions on Jewish male babies, and on Muslim males.  In California, attempts  have been made to also ban circumcision.  Those decision-makers and complying hospitals and doctors think that cutting the foreskin of an 8-day-old baby causes “grievous bodily harm”, and that it is a denial of those persons’ civil liberties to impose on him a religious practice of faith by their parents.  What if, when the Jewish person would be old enough to understand, he would have wanted to be circumcised by his parents as part of their covenantal obligations to keep the covenant (not to mention how much more it will hurt when done after infanthood!)?

Circumcision is a sign of YHVH’s covenant with Abraham and his descendants, especially those of Isaac and of Jacob.  In other words, this early shedding of blood is a sign which Jewish people have practiced for 4000 years now to identify with their belonging as a particular people to the God who chose them to be His people and inheritance.  I do not have any negative recollections about my own circumcision, and I am glad and thankful to know that I am part of this rich heritage from the Creator of the Heavens and Earth for His “peculiar people”, the Children of Israel.

California, Germany, Austria, and many others do not seem to mind killing unborn babies and causing untold pain and grief not only to them, but also to the mothers and others involved in the innocent blood shed.  (Meanwhile, in countries like Zambia where HIV/AIDS is rampant and ruining the lives of too many people, they are encouraging voluntary circumcision by males as a preventative health measure, on the basis of the findings that circumcised males are less likely to contract the virus.)

Will not God hold them accountable for not doing or allowing what He does say, and for doing or approving what He says not to?  Woe to the spirit of Pharoah which arrogantly defies the God of the Hebrews by saying, “Who is YEHOVAH that I should hear and obey His voice. . .”?!

May many Jewish and Gentile people, and Christians, too, repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who suffered untold pain in shedding His innocent blood on account of our sins, that whosoever believes in His name should receive forgiveness and salvation unto the glory of God our Father.

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