For those of you who have been on my (Donna Diorio) mailing list for a while, you know how we have followed the case of the religious Jewish terrorist who tried to murder a Messianic family in Ariel by setting a Purim basket loaded with a bomb.  David and Leah Ortiz’ then 15-year old youngest son was blown to pieces but through the grace of a miracle of God lived.  Jack Teitel has finally been convicted in Jerusalem District court. This case has been dragging on for years and all sorts of games have been played – including a prosecution deal that excluded the charges against Jack Teitel for setting the bomb that blew up in the hands of a 15-year old Messianic teenager. Also years of games about Teitel being mentally ill instead of this being the religious hate crime that it was. But Teitel now stands guilty as charged in two murders and two attempted murders and was found mentally sound. This is such powerful news!  Praise God for justice for Ami and the other victims of Teitel.  It has not looked like it would end in justice, and especially not justice for Messianic Ami, but God has had His way in this and all we can say is Thank You, thank You, thank You!

‘Jewish terrorist’ Jack Teitel convicted

Jerusalem District Court finds radical rightist guilty of two counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder; rules he was sane at time of the murders

Aviel Magnezi,7340,L-4333417,00.html Yaakov “Jack” Teitel, nicknamed “The Jewish Terrorist,” was convicted Wednesday of the murder to two Palestinians and the      attempted murder of two others.

The conviction, rendered by the Jerusalem District Court, stated that Teitel was in full control of his faculties at the time of the murders, thus debunking the defense’s repeated claims that he was legally insane and therefore cannot be held responsible of his action.

Teitel was arrested in 2009 and was held without bail. The indictment against him consisted of 10 counts, including premeditated murder, attempted murder, the illegal possession of firearms, arms manufacturing and incitement.

In May 2012, after three years of consistent denials, Teitel confessed to his crimes.

During the trial it was also revealed that the police had information which directly pointed at Teitel as the prime suspect in a series of crimes, but he had somehow managed to slip through their fingers.

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