In recent days and weeks, certain sects within the ultra-orthodox Jewish religious community, especially in Jerusalem and in Beit Shemesh, have openly displayed their utter contempt towards women.  This manifests a similar spirit seen in Islam, and is also the attitude of the antichrist. (Dan 11:37; 2Tim 3:3)  This contemptible behavior is in accord with the prayer in the Talmud (the sacred oral law and tradition of rabbinic Judaism), in which the men thank God for not making them women!

The Law of Moses, with all its seeming inequalities between males and females, nonetheless elevates women to a far higher status than in the laws and customs of the gentile nations of those times.  In the New Testament, brought in with the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, God further elevated the status and dignity of women, seen in numerous verses and passages throughout the gospels and epistles.  There are still differences in matters of priorities and service, but males and females are completely equal and loved in God’s estimation, and both are being converted into the image of the Son of God.  All are priests of God in Messiah; the Body of Christ is the Bride of the Lamb; husbands are admonished and commanded to love their wives as themselves.

The Gospel of Luke especially shows the Lord Jesus as a friend of downtrodden women, downcast women, widows, even of fallen and sinful women.  His whole manner and attitude towards women was one of utmost respect and mercy.  The Holy Spirit lifts the head of women to a station of honor, in which they do not need to feel less than men and put down, but can find their fulfillment in that for which God created and redeemed them to bring honor and glory to the LORD first of all, and to their husbands, if they are married. (Prov 31)  The contempt of darkened religious perversion of the love and truth of God toward women has no place in the heart and mind of men who also know the love and humility of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who comes as the Lamb of God.

May many Jewish and Muslim women begin to look to the true God of Heaven and Earth for their joy and hope of salvation from the oppression, subjugation, and hatred which they suffer under, and find their liberty and dignity in the Lover and Healer of their souls.


  1. God loves women of that there is no doubt, after all he designed and created us in his image. When the LORD says in Genesis that he created man and saw it was good he meant mankind, rather than man singular, of which women obviously are a part. It is a woman’s true fulfilment to honour and glorify her God and her husband (or father) if she has one, although we all know in this fallen world we often have to find mercy and grace in our spirit’s toward our husbands and fathers. But it is right that we should do so. Here are some thoughts for reflection, repentance and prayer for women as regards this God given role.

    My Husband –

    1 Do I have a gentle and quiet Spirit as I relate to him ?

    2 Does he feel and know that I respect him ?

    3 Do I affirm his leadership ?

    4 Can he have total confidence in me ?

    5 Am I completely faithful to my husband in my thoughts, as well as my words and actions ?

    6 Do I bring Honour to him ?

    7 Can it be said that I bring Glory to my husband ?

    8 Do I think about how to encourage and affirm him ?

    9 Do I take time to think and pray through his aspirations and goals ?

    10 Am I committed to being a helper to my husband ?

    God bless you all. Naomi


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